Looking for e-book reader to enhance your reading experience? The Japanese consumer electronics giant, Sony has announced its new PRS-505 digital e-book reader with E Ink’s latest display technology. It’s an upgraded model which offers a few improvements over its predecessor including an eight shades of gray scale for displaying crisp text, faster response and even a better 6-inch screen with a higher contrast ratio.


According to the company, this digital device is comes equipped with an improved battery which will last long enough for the users to read up to 7,500 pages. In addition, the major advantage of this device is the USB connector, allowing the fast direct transfer of datas from the user’s PC. Furthermore, you also can used the latest PRS-505 digital reader as a viewer for Adobe PDF document, RTF, text and JPEG files.

With an 64 MB internal memory storage, this new e-book reader can hold for up to 160 ebooks. Besides, you also can increase the memory to hold more datas, with an optional Memory Stick Duo or SD memory cards. The new Sony PRS-505 Digital Book Reader that available in silver and dark blue colours is costs for $299. For sure, an USB cable and eBook Library PC companion software are come with a package!