Previously we mentioned about the PS3 Slim version that will be reaching consumer space by September timeframe. While the new version capacity has been increased significantly from its current version, if you think this is still not sufficient for storing your favorite games and HD (High Definition) media files, here could be another good news that you may be interested in. A recent unofficial news disclosed that Sony may has applied for FCC approval for its 250GB slim version PS3, which was not announced to public as of now.

The product, named as “Computer Entertainment System” originally was brought to FCC under a company name called “Sand Dollar Enterprise Inc”, but later it was believed to be an unannounced sibling product to the new slim version that is going to be released by Sony by next month. The 250GB will be named as CECH-2000B as a slight different codename of CECH-2000A for 120GB PS3 Slim. While able to reduce the power and physical size significantly, the new version is further enhanced with new feature sets such as a new BRAVIA Sync capability that enables the PS3 XMB control via the HDMI connection with the BRAVIA TV remote control as well as System Standby that can switch off the console when the BRAVIA TV is off.

Although the retail price for 120GB is already fixed at $299, there is still no confirmation on when the 250GB version will be available and how much it will cost. If this is true, users will have more selection on specific models to buy on top of the existing PS3 models that will experience the same price slash to stay competitively in this high end gaming segment.