The well-known Japanese consumer electronics giant, Sony has announced the new format-friendly S-series Walkman players – NWZ-S730 series, which the company claims as the slimmest (just 7.5mm thin) Walkman player in any of the new series, featuring 2-inch QVGA LCD display, FM tuner, SensMe Channels function, 5 integrated clear audio technologies as well as noise canceling technology that able to cancel up to 75% of ambient noise.

Highlights Of Sony S-Series Walkman Players:

  • SensMe Channels function – An innovative feature that actually looks at the beats-per-minute and an algorithm that classifies and automatically groups your music into channels, making listening and managing all of your content even simpler.
  • Supports multiple high-quality video formats (AVC (H.264/AVC), MPEG-4 and WMV3, giving you more freedom to download the kinds of video that you want.
  • Long-lasting battery life supports up to 40 hours of music or 10 hours of video.
  • Supplied high-quality 13.5mm EX Headphones that engineered with an angular design that fits comfortably in the ear. Even more, the EX Headphones have a built-in noise cancelling function that reduce ambient noises and enhance your overall listening experience.

According to Sony, “The top-end, format-friendly Walkman S-series broadens options for enjoying tunes from multiple sources, including many download stores and personal music collections. The supplied Content Transfer software even simplifies “drag and drop” transfer of non-DRM music, videos, podcasts and playlists from online music services to Walkman players. If you’re migrating your personal collection of ripped tracks from another MP3 player, there’s no need to re-rip all your tunes from your CDs.”

The new Sony S-series of Walkman noise canceling video MP3 players will be available in September 2008 in 4GB (NWZ-S736F) and 8GB (NWZ-S738F) memory capacities for about $150 and $180, respectively.