A team of researchers in Purdue University have reached a technology breakthrough with the new invention of band-pass filter as resonator utilizing MEMS, or better known as Microelectromechanical system. The new band-pass filter unique structure and design is believed to be able to filter off unwanted noise for much more effective radio frequency transmission in daily life.

The new resonator is fabricated using silicon-on-insulator technology and it can be used to filter off unnecessary radio frequencies, by passing only the designated incoming signal for more effective transmission to as compared to existing filtering technology. More importantly, the design is tiny enough that can be used to drive for much smaller form factor, low power mobile devices while able to scale up its performance with sharp and accurate filtering characteristics especially useful in mobile communication. Besides being used in mobile phones or 2-ways radios, the usage model can be extended into both medical and military segments as a mechanical memory element that can store data pattern based on different vibration modes.

More details will be published in research paper during an American society of Mechanical Engineers’ Third International Conference held on September 2nd. Meanwhile, prototypes are in progress with simulation data to prove the concept feasibility before actual implementation in end products.