The privately-held producer of consumer electronics, VIZIO has introduced its new and exciting “Connected HDTV” Platform, which provides users a fully customizable and dynamic entertainment experience with integrated wireless (802.11n) for accessing on-demand movies, music, news, weather, sports, gaming as well as social networking services from a bundle of leading popular content and service providers, including Accedo Broadband, Adobe, Amazon, Blockbuster, Flickr, Netflix, Pandora, Yahoo! and Rhapsody.

“As consumer demand for content and information grows exponentially, we want to address what our customers are increasingly looking for – the ability to enjoy their favorite content and services from the comfort of their living room easy chair,” said Laynie Newsome, VP Sales and Marketing Communication and Co-Founder of VIZIO.

In addition, the new VIZIO Connected HDTV platform will incorporate the Yahoo! Widget Engine that provides an open platform enabling a new class of Internet services – TV Widgets, to thrive in the TV environment. Furthermore, the Connected HDTVs will also feature support for Adobe Flash Lite, enabling developers to deliver rich applications, content and video over the Web to the TV itself.

“Our ‘Connected HDTV’ Platform is a key element of VIZIO’s Consumer Ecosystem, which places the VIZIO HDTV as a focal point, allowing viewers to seamlessly connect to information and entertainment sources that they want, when they want them,” said Matthew McRae, VIZIO VP. “The platform also provides an unprecedented opportunity for Internet-based service providers to develop and deploy innovative applications to a large consumer audience.”