wowpen-1.jpgThe new WowPen has taken the functions of a computer mouse and merged them with the usability and practicality of a pen. As what you see in the photo, this lightweight and cool input device also comes with a USB clip that attaches to your paper and ‘senses’ what you write, draw or sketch, and displays it on the computer screen. Means that the users can sign their real signature on all of their emails, draw pictures on the screen or send a personal handwritten enclosure.

“Since graphic design is my field, the wowpen was put to immediate use. But as a speaker and presenter, there was also a personal need for such a portable and usable tool. Any person who draws sketches at work, like clothing designers or architects, could really use this pen,” said Jeff Compton, graphic designer and professional speaker. “But it also has use in meetings or group brainstorming sessions. Even a college student who is taking notes could really benefit from this practical pen and mouse tool.”

Furthermore, this new and cool WowPen can also turn written notes into text thanks to its handwriting recognition software. Check more details of the pen on its site.