One of the greatest things about the Internet is the enhanced opportunity for interaction. Blog owners can post their thoughts and comments online and receive immediate feedback from their readers. While this is an advantage, it can also pose a shortcoming. Some comments are trivial or malicious rather than constructive, and this can take up a lot of the users’ time, space, and attention. Thus, NoComments is a useful extension for Google Chrome browser which allows users to turn the comments on or off for a particular site if they do not want to be distracted or overwhelmed.

Users who do not like to see comments posted to the sites can install NoComments in their Chrome. Once it is installed, the extension will help users to turn on/off the comments section posted. This extension doesn’t work with all websites or blogs but it generally supports a lot of popular sites such as YouTube,,, etc. Users can easily turn on/off the site’s comments by clicking on to the button located in the address bar.

Install No Comments from Google Chrome Extensions.