Overheating of the laptop is quite a common problem faced by laptop users especially if the laptops are not properly designed. Overheating will create problems such as sudden shut down of operation, memory or operation errors, etc. To respond to this technical problem, the software leader, Microsoft, has unveiled a new technology to cool down the laptop and avoid overheating problems. Surprisingly, it is not a cooling application but an elegantly designed cooling base.

This stylish cooling base is a 1.16-inch thick stand which features a built-in fan that can efficiently cool down the laptop sitting on it. The slim and contoured structure provides a comfortable typing angle when the laptop is placed on it. The height of this portable device can also be adjusted for a more comfortable position. This cooling base is USB-powered; hence users do not need to look for additional power supply or battery while using it. The Microsoft Notebook Cooling Base comes in black and white and is about $29.95.
Looking at the sales figures currently, Notebooks are outselling desktop PCs three to one. Since more and more users are using the notebook, it is quite a brilliant move of Microsoft to capitalize on this rising niche market by creating an accessory to suit the lifestyle and comfort needs of users.