Lying down on the bed or sofa to read books or watch movie always provides great pleasure or entertainment to many. Similarly, many users also like to put their laptop on the bed to surf net, engage in instant messaging with friends, do work, play games, etc. However, long hours of typing or using the laptop placed on the bed can create critical pain in your back. If you place the laptop on the lap, you will feel uncomfortable with the heat emitted from the computer. To let users continue to have fun with their laptop in a more comfortable and relaxed posture, a designer, Nelson Motta, has came out with a unique computer stand namely “Nottable” which can flexibly get into any position so that users can comput in various positions.

Nottable is made from aluminum, bronze and plastic components. It features a robotic arm which can hold a laptop between 10 to 17 inches steadily. The robotic arm features three flexible joints which can adjust or rotate up to 360 degrees and bend up to 90 degrees to suit users for various computing positions as shown in the photos below. For users’ comfort, the unique laptop stand also features a mouse pad which can be clipped either on the left or right side of the stand for users to place their mouse. The hollow surface of the stand where users place their laptop allows better ventilation and the heat generated from the computer can be easily vented away from the user. The unique Nottable is available in graphite, black, red, gold and blue. Users can easily dismantle and store it when it is not in use.

The video clip below shows how Nottable works: