Nvidia is rumored to be interested in purchasing the new shares offered by VIA Technologies, the fabless Taiwanese manufacturer that is famous for its low cost processors for both consumer and embedded markets. The offered share price falls between NT$9 (USD0.27) to NT$12 (USD0.35) per share and Nvidia is believed to put in plan in acquiring some of the 300 millions new shares offered from VIA Technologies.

Seems that NVIDIA is interested to find a new processor candidate other than Intel Inc in entering the new CPU market. Furthermore, some recent dispute of licensing issues have further pushed Nvidia away and they may already try to find a new way in entering X86 CPU market without much dependent on the giant chipmaker.

This is still an unofficial and will have to wait until middle of June after the shareholder meeting is held. But if this is true, it will definitely pose a new threat to the Intel Inc, the giant chipmaker with much impressive graphics intensive CPU leveraging on VIA processor architecture technology.