Wherever we stay, it is likely that we have been touched by the beauty, power, and mystery of the deep blue ocean. The mystery of the ocean has always been at the top of the list of the most mysterious things in science and has always beckoned scientists and adventurers to reveal its deep dark secrets. If you are an ocean lover who can never have enough of this natural wonder, perhaps Seiko’s new alarm clock, Ocean Theater,will bring the mystery of ocean and the marine life closer to you – into your bedroom.


Besides functioning as an alarm clock, Ocean Theater is also a projector, a music player, a light and a decorative item. This interesting clock has a dome on it and users can see a multitude of marine life such as fishes, dolphins, sea creatures, marine plants, etc through the transparent dome. Users can also remove the dome easily and project the ocean scenes onto a wall to create a bigger screen. iPhone users can connect their iPhone/iPod to Ocean Theater and utilize it as an iPod dock to play and share music.

Ocean Theater-2

Ocean Theater brings the beauty of the ocean nearer to our life. Besides creating some relaxing and calming effects while projecting the mysteryof the marine life on the wall, parents also can make use of this unique gadget to educate kids particularly on ocean conservation.

Ocean Theater