While there is still very limited of peripherals being supported and compatible to run with USB 3.0, OCZ has collaborated with Symwave to come out with a new prototype targeted for storage application using SSD (Solid State Device) technology.

The partnership with Symwave, a silicon company that is famous for its USB 3.0 controller will able to eliminate bottleneck of SSD performance as what being seen in today’s PC market. Typically, SSD has been moved from SATA 3.0 to PCI Express interface but it doesn’t seem to be sufficient to cater for increased market requirements and that is how it triggers the collaboration effort between these two companies. Typically, USB 3.0 can max up to 5Gbps theoretically, which is more than 10 times of what can be achieved by USB 2.0, as well as relatively higher than SATA 3Gbps and PCI Express at 250MBps (for X1 lane), and it will able to reduce bottleneck and boost the overall system performance as one of the technology breakthroughs. Besides, the new edge leading controller will able to offer excellent power management as part of greener initiative while able to keep the connected system CPU utilization to minimum level for optimum performance.

No pricing and availability yet, the new prototype will be showcased in CES event soon and we should expect to see more and more peripherals moving with USB 3.0 integration as a next generation mainstream product in PC market.