The revenue share or percentage of advertising money which Google collects from advertisers and passes to publishers on Google AdSense network has always been kept secret. Public can only guess the revenue share that Google distributes to partners and publishers from Google’s financial reports, which suggests a revenue share of around 78% been given to publishers.

Finally, Google has revealed the official figure for the revenue share for Google AdSense publishers, for the sake of greater transparency. The official Google AdSense publisher’s revenue share came in much lower percentage than the figures shown in financial reports, suggesting that large partners and premium publishers may be getting a much larger revenue share than most publishers on Google AdSense ads network.

Here’s the official revenue share for two products of Google AdSense:

AdSense for Content: 68%
AdSense for Search: 51%

In other words, every $1 advertisers pay to Google for display ads, 68 cents goes to publishers, while 32 cents kept by Google. Only 51 cents from every $1 advertisers pay for search ads goes to publishers, with 49 cents kept by Google. Google said that the remaining portion of ads money been kept is to cover Google’s costs such as development of new technologies, products and features. What’s not mentioned, but definitely incur, is the profit that Google seeks.

Although Google takes a slice of 32% from the publishers, the revenue share may be even higher that most other ads networks, which may keeps as much as 40% or even 50% revenue share percentage. What’s more important is that Google AdSense able to provide a much higher eCPM, directly allowing publishers to earn much more net advertising revenue.

Google AdSense Revenue Share

The Google AdSense publisher revenue share can be viewed on the AdSense’s Account Information tab, but it’s currently only available on the new Google AdSense Beta user interface.