Being a parent is no laughing matter. To care for a helpless baby requires superhuman effort at times. Not surprisingly, parents need all the help they can get and technology can help alleviate some of the stress and insecurity. The Onaroo PBA (Personal Baby Assistant) is a device that helps to record and monitor the baby’s activities. Onaroo claims that it helps harried parents to keep track of the baby’s temperature, height, weight, sleeping time, feeding time and even diaper changes. This serves as a record of the baby’s growth and medical condition as well as enables caregivers to understand the baby’s needs better.

Parents and caregivers can view the data on the PBA itself and find out how much time a baby spends breastfeeding, for instance. The PBA can also be connected to a PC via USB for parents to view the data analysis of their baby’s daily activities on the PBA website. The graphs generated can be printed for advice and consultation from the pediatrician if necessary. A breakdown of the data can also be obtained and provides detailed information of baby’s activities over a period of time. However, the data generated can be rather lopsided as parents have no control over the way the information is analyzed. Besides, uploading from the PBA to the Onaroo website can only be done via Windows.

All things considered, the PBA should be useful when parents need to monitor the baby’s activities for medical purposes or developmental problems. Otherwise, the device may add to parents’ stress instead of alleviating it because they may not have the time to set the device to record each of their baby’s activities much less study the results and analyses. While knowledge is power, spending quality time knowing and bonding with the baby is far more meaningful than studying statistics of the baby’s daily activities.