Ever dreamt of a home where one touch of a button will get things done and you truly are a king in you castle? Smarthome has just announced its new range of Cortexa touchscreen displays with 8.4” and 15” formats. The new Cortexa range enables users to have complete control of a variety of home automation systems, security or surveillance systems, and other audio-video systems.

The touchscreens offer powerful and stable performance with a low-heat fanless processor. Four soft-touch buttons, a webcam, a microphone and two amplified speakers complete the home automation outfit. The acrylic bezel finishing adds an elegant touch and enables the display to blend in easily with most home décor. The touchscreens are ideal for the Cortexa Home Automation Controller and can also be used for any web-based or Windows based application. A free iPhone application which can monitor products remotely and syncs with the Cortexa touchscreen makes control possible even from a distance.