When user presses Ctrl + Alt keyboard shortcut to maximize the DOS command prompt window to full screen in Windows XP Mode in Windows 7, an error message about this system does not support full screen mode will be displayed. The problem happens even after running Windows XP Mode in full screen mode, nor will the command prompt window opened to full screen mode within the virtual machine window itself.

The DOS-based applications, command prompt window and DOS command line console does not run in full screen mode with Windows Virtual PC’s Integration Features turned on or enabled. The behavior is a known limitation of Windows Virtual PC, which powers the Windows XP Mode.

In order to run and open command prompt in full screen mode in Windows XP Mode, uses the following workaround trick:

  1. Run Windows XP Mode.
  2. In Tools menu, select Disable integration features.

    Disable Integration Features

  3. Run the DOS application or open Command Prompt (cmd) window in full screen mode.

    Note: You may need to open and view Windows XP Mode VM in full screen first.