Windows Virtual PC (VPC) is a new version of Microsoft Virtual PC virtualization software designed specifically for Windows 7. By installing Windows Virtual PC, user can run more than one guest operating systems at the same time inside the virtual machines, or many productivity applications on a virtual Windows environment via RemoteApp, where Windows Virtual PC virtualizes its standard PC and associated hardware.

Together with Windows Virtual PC, Microsoft also releases Windows XP Mode, a virtual machine package for Windows Virtual PC containing a pre-installed, licensed copy of Windows XP SP3 as its guest operating system. Windows XP Mode is pre-installed with integration components and pre-configured to allow user to run the virtual machine immediately right after installed, to provide backward compatibility for legacy productivity software with seamless access from host desktop capability.

While Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode have leaked earlier, Microsoft has officially released Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode as final RTM version for public download, in conjuction with the official public release of Windows 7. Both Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode is available for download from official Windows Virtual PC homepage at or from Microsoft Download Center (Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode).

Here’s the direct download links to setup installer of Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode, useful for Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic x86 and x64, and Windows 7 Home Premium x86 and x64 users who are shown the error message of “You are not eligible to download Windows XP Mode. You must have Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate to run Windows XP Mode. To upgrade visit Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade” when trying to download Windows Virtual PC and/or Windows XP Mode, or, users who fail to pass Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) validation.

Windows Virtual PC Direct Download Links

32-bit (x86): Windows6.1-KB958559-x86.msu
64-bit (x64): Windows6.1-KB958559-x64.msu

Update: Refreshed version of Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7 SP1

Windows XP Mode Direct Download Links

English: WindowsXPMode_en-us.exe
Arabic: WindowsXPMode_ar-sa.exe
Chinese (Hong Kong): WindowsXPMode_zh-hk.exe
Chinese (Simplified): WindowsXPMode_zh-cn.exe
Chinese (Traditional): WindowsXPMode_zh-tw.exe
Czech: WindowsXPMode_cs-cz.exe
Danish: WindowsXPMode_da-dk.exe
Dutch: WindowsXPMode_nl-nl.exe
Finnish: WindowsXPMode_fi-fi.exe
French: WindowsXPMode_fr-fr.exe
German: WindowsXPMode_de-de.exe
Greek: WindowsXPMode_el-gr.exe
Hebrew: WindowsXPMode_he-il.exe
Hungarian: WindowsXPMode_hu-hu.exe
Italian: WindowsXPMode_it-it.exe
Japanese: WindowsXPMode_ja-jp.exe
Korean: WindowsXPMode_ko-kr.exe
Norwegian: WindowsXPMode_nb-no.exe
Polish (Poland): WindowsXPMode_pl-pl.exe
Portuguese (Brazil): WindowsXPMode_pt-br.exe
Portuguese (Portugal): WindowsXPMode_pt-pt.exe
Russian: WindowsXPMode_ru-ru.exe
Spanish: WindowsXPMode_es-es.exe
Swedish: WindowsXPMode_sv-se.exe
Turkish: WindowsXPMode_tr-tr.exe

Windows XP Mode N, KN and KN Edition Direct Download Links

Czech N: WindowsXPMode_N_cs-cz.exe
Danish N: WindowsXPMode_N_da-dk.exe
Dutch N: WindowsXPMode_N_nl-nl.exe
English N: WindowsXPMode_N_en-us.exe
Finnish N: WindowsXPMode_N_fi-fi.exe
French N: WindowsXPMode_N_fr-fr.exe
German N: WindowsXPMode_N_de-de.exe
Greek N: WindowsXPMode_N_el-gr.exe
Hungarian N: WindowsXPMode_N_hu-hu.exe
Italian: WindowsXPMode_N_it-it.exe
Norwegian N: WindowsXPMode_N_nb-no.exe
Polish N: WindowsXPMode_N_pl-pl.exe
Portuguese N (Portugal): WindowsXPMode_N_pt-pt.exe
Spanish N: WindowsXPMode_N_es-es.exe
Swedish N: WindowsXPMode_N_sv-se.exe
Korean K: WindowsXPMode_K_ko-kr.exe
Korean KN: WindowsXPMode_KN_ko-kr.exe

Note that Windows Virtual PC requires hardware-assisted virtualization (unless user download KB977206 to enable ability to run Windows Virtual PC without hardware virtualization), where Microsoft provides HAV tool to check if system supports hardware-assisted virtualization.

To enable seamless integration of applications between guest and host operating system, RemoteApp update package has to be installed on virtual machine. In addition, Windows XP Mode only can be installed on Windows 7 Ultimate, Enterprise and Professional edition, but there is a hack to install Windows XP Mode on Windows 7 Home Premium and Home Basic.

The documentations for Windows Virtual PC is also available, namely Windows Virtual PC Tips (Windows Virtual PC Tips.pdf) and Windows Virtual PC Evaluation Guide (VirtualPC_Eval_Guide.doc)