The well-known web browser, Opera has released its new Opera Browser 10 beta version, which features faster speeds, new enhanced tabs and automatic update. The new Opera Brower 10 beta comes with Opera Turbo for fast browsing on slow connections. The Opera Turbo technology can deliver web content up to 40 percent faster than previous version. It automatically switch on if a slow connection speed is detected. The web browser also comes with improved user interface design, customizable speed dial and web integration. In addition, Opera 10 beta features a resizable tab bar, which when double click will reveals thumbnails of every open tab in browser window. It also expanded the inline spelling checker that support up to 51 languages.


Highlights of Opera 10 Beta

  • Opera turbo
  • web-mail integration
  • Resizable search field
  • Support HTML5, SVG, web fonts
  • Automatic updates
  • Inline spelling checker support up to 51 languages
  • Crash logging
  • Built-in Email client
  • 100/100 and pixel-perfect on the Acid3 test
  • Opera crashlogging tool- automated Crash Reporting
  • Support Opera Mail HTML Compose

The new Opera 10 beta version 10.00b1 is currently available as a free download from Opera website for Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, QNX, OS/2, BeOS and other operating systems, or use the following direct download links for Windows and Mac OS X version.

Direct Download Links for Opera 10 Beta:

Opera 10 beta for Windows : Opera_1000_en_b1_Setup.exe

Opera 10 beta for Mac OS X (Universal Binary) : Opera_10.00_b1_Setup.dmg

Opera 10 beta for Mac OS X (Intel): Opera_10.00_b1_Setup_Intel.dmg

Update: Opera 10 Beta 2