Tired of the same old traditional mouse? Want a change of the shape or look of this pointing device? The retirement of the traditional rodent is long due since it has been in existence since 1981. The cool Orbita mouse, a product of Cyber Sport, is set to change the way we navigate the cursor across the screen. A leap from traditional design, Orbita bears the look of a rotating planet. The device literarily puts the world in our hand as we surf the net. The circular motion as we move the pointing device gives a sense of satisfaction and completion to users.

Orbita mouse is the world’s first wireless 3-axis mouse. It features a built-in compass that calibrates movements in 3 dimensions. The scroll wheel found in the conventional mouse has been removed and the cylindrical body will take over the function. Instead of a vertical (up and down) scrolling, users now can simply rotate the mouse left or right in a natural dialing action. There is a small white arrow button on the top of this mouse. Pressing this button while the arrow points forwards on your desktop sets that as the ‘up’ direction for pointer movement on screen no matter how the mouse is rotated.

This unique wireless product inherited all the basic functions of a traditional mouse. It can do what a traditional mouse can do, but in an uncommon approach. The rotational scrolling and customizable buttons can control music applications’ volume, zoom in/out while viewing photo/maps, scroll and navigate document/websites and control movement in modeling applications.

It you are a fashionable tech savvy user who is always looking for an unconventional way to do something conventional, get this device in January 2009 for about $100.