Even wonder how the handicapped people can do typing or web browsing? You may think of some voice enabled typing capability for replacement but other than this, there is an innovative solution known as orbiTouch keyless keyboard created by Keybowl. The special keyboard is claimed to be able to reduce RSI (repetitive strain injury) by 82 percent as compared to traditional keyboard. Its unique design is most suitable targeted for those users who suffer fingers injuries. Instead of using fingers for typing, ones can use hands for scrolling while still able to enjoy similar internet access and typing experience.


This intelligent design utilizes two sliding domes to create numbers and characters just like what we have been accomplished using ordinary keyboard. There are eight positions in each domes and with combination of two domes in different positions, it helps the user to enter any words on the computer screen. That is not all, it features a mouse integrated on the keyboard to give the users full control capability for web browsing. It may require some learning session before one can really master the ‘typing’ skills. Good thing is, the kit comes with learning software that able to assist the user with on screen tutorial for speedy learning.
The keyless keyboard’s special design comes with expensive selling price of $400. This is reasonable when considering the demand of this unique patented keyboard may be low as it only designed for very niche market.