Orient Watch is a Japanese watch company which established in 1950, and has since became one of the largest mechanical watch production company in the world, which produces over 2 millions timepieces annually, offering a wide range of watch designs and styles, including mechanical, automatic, quartz, and light powered, at various pricing level.

Orient Watch

Thanks to the sponsorship of Orient, My Digital Life has a Orient Watch to giveaway to a lucky reader. The prize is a Orient Watch Journeyman model CFA05001B, worth $680.00.

The Orient Automatic CFA05001B World Time executive watch is perfect for those on the run. Designed with travel in mind, this timepiece is an elegant way to stand out no matter where you are. Features of Orient Watch Journeyman include water resistant 100m, stainless steel case, screwed-down crown, skeleton caseback, 4-screw-fixed caseback, solid bracelet, 40 hours power reserve, sapphire crystal and etc.

Watch the introductory video of the Orient Executive CFA05001B Automatic Watch:

To get a chance to win the exclusive Orient Watch timepiece, what you need to do is simply post a reason of why you should be the one getting the watch or why you love the Orient Watch at the comment section. The entry can be of any length. The best entry will get the watch. In the case of multiple good entries have been submitted, a lucky draw will be conducted to select the prize winner among the qualified and selected entries.

All entry must be posted together with a valid email address in the Email text box (no email address is required inside the writeup to avoid spam). Invalid email will automatically disqualify the entry. Email address will only be used to contact the winner.

The contest is opened worldwide for everybody.

Close Closed. Winner is Oliver.

All entries (comments) must be posted before or on 23:59 PM December 21, 2011 according to time stamp that appears on the every comment posted. The timestamp is based on GMT + 8.

My Digital Life reserves the rights to change the terms and conditions of the giveaway contest without prior notice, and all decisions is final.

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  • Irshad Gandharva

    You have to be dynamic so as the time by Orient !!


    It’s the perfect watch for someone like me. It’s authentic.

  • and the winner is is Oliver :D

  • it’s look like you are death, no update, no new entry, no hack and bla3x.. it’s pathetic, it’s time for me to remove this site from my bookmarked, thanks for all good stuff before this, bye… hahaha…!!!!!!! gonna find other site that provide the same cool stuff and the most thing, its updates!

  • Gorasz

    This watch is very elegant and good looking and I have always wanted an Orient watch. This one is a piece of art.

    • jj

      put me down for one in the contest! oh wait, this is the latest post on teh website and it’s over 2 months old. i guess this site is dead. why do i have it in my favorites list then :( just shut down this website once and for all, please!

  • gny

    I should win this watch cause I’m always late when I do deep diving.

  • sourav

    i really want this fab watch…:)

    • jj

      in for contest.

      oh wait, it’s over.
      but this is the most recent post on the home page.
      fail. this used to be a good site to check every day
      but now it’s nothing. sad times :(

      • jj

        lol the most recent post to the home page is over 2 months old. such fail :( sorry to see a good site go offline.

  • Kwanle Dragon

    Wow! No updates for 40 days!! Why not just pull the plug? This site used to be so useful. In fact, the best.

  • walid mohamed ahmed

    because the first clock which my father has bought it to me was orient

    and i have beautiful memories with it

    thanks orient

  • vilyanur chandra

    All these types of contests are for the Lucky peoples.

    :) I never win.

  • manikanta

    well, i wanted a time piece on my wrist.

  • Peer Pedersen

    A watch is nessacery in my work as genetor with 400 apartments to take care of.

  • Gene Lew

    I love watches and I don’t have an Orient..Being on time is important both temporally and fashionwise.

  • kamna bhatti

    i want to gift it” to my younger brother becoz he mad for branded things”

  • Qaiser Ikram

    I’m Commenting this, to make myself eligible for the Contest.
    I am too poor to buy this Beautiful, Crispy and A’Class Watch.
    But I Would love to use it, if I get a chance to wear it….

  • mike

    because i don’t have one. all i have is my bracelet.

    • Qaiser Ikram

      I’m Commenting this, to make myself eligible for the Contest.
      I am too poor to buy this Beautiful, Crispy and A’Class Watch.
      But I Would love to use it, if I get a chance to wear it….

  • keysha

    yeah, that is great free giveaway contest, thanks for share that information

  • Roro “Boy Silip” Barok Salay

    this watch i will give to my aging father.

  • Faiz

    I got married few months ago and sold everything I had for marital expenses, I have grown up but I don’t have a watch to show for it on my wrist because of living expenses. I have been running around various forums in love of watches but can’t afford any decent automatic yet. For me a watch is not just an asset it is an investment for life, for smiles it will offer to those we pass them to. It completes a man in my personal opinion. Women have jewelery and this is what we have, for me it is something that I want to pass onto my grandchild so someday they can be proud of what I left for them. A piece of our times that shows time but is quickly loosing importance to other methods of timekeeping. I want to keep the passion of watches alive through my generations!

    In the present I want to dress up for work knowing I have something in my wrist and to loose that feeling of being incomplete once and for all. I could buy a fake but it will never satisfy me, I would only wear an authentic and this seems to be the closest I will get to being completed!

    And hats off to my digital life for giving someone like me such a surprise, I come here from time to time for help but I will certainly be visiting more often considering you have decent surprises in store for us!

  • Ray

    I want to win this contest coz i don’t have a watch for the past 2 years!

  • John Patterson

    The reason I would like to have an Orient Watch is that I don’t have one.

  • Wasef Anwar

    Orient to me represents my life , the first watch ever given to me was an old Orient watch which I inherited from my grand father , i still treasure it like its the most important thing in my life . This contest is not the reason , I will buy my own Orient Time piece like my grandfather , been saving for years . Hope some worthy get this . For Orient is not a watch which shows time , its something that saves priceless memories .

    Happy New year

  • Pablo C

    I should receive this watch because this watch is the literal epitome of class and style. This watch would be the first item of such prestige that I would own, and it would truly be a pleasure. As mentioned in the video, this watch would be an awesome way to stand out in a crowd, and since this exquisite watch is just so epic, I should be the one to receive it.

  • Anonimous

    Who won this contest?

  • MasT3R

    I should win this watch because I managed to broke my two other ones. And considering that this is a japanese made, I shouldn´t have a problem breaking this one.

  • Flatout Spin

    Very nice watch., I found this site after a google search: Enable/Disable Referrer.

    I would like to receive the watch, because all I got this year was deodorant and a bag of not-so-good ground coffee. Also I’ll be needing a watch soon to make sure I get to the homeless shelter before they lock the doors each night, and I won’t have to plug a watch in every night to keep it going. Finally, it appears to be a good watch so I hopefully it won’t crap out before I find a job.

    Happy New Year!

  • joann

    Oh yeah I forgot, don’t give it to me either.

    I’m cool, don’t need anything, I used to have a antique mickey mouse watch, but now I have two Casio s’ , One I use to make the 10 minute Geiger counter readings (I have a manual digital counter) and the other, well it kind of just sits there until needed.

    God bless everyone for the holidays! (which ever god you choose to worship)


  • joann

    Don’t give it to ANY NGO ! they are trying to start world war three!

    Give it to a normal person.

  • Ashok Singh



  • I have always loved a sophisticated watch on my wrist, and this one is lovely – it would fit the bill to a “T”. I hope that chance smiles on me and allows me to be the fortunate winner of such a fine work of art.

  • zulfiqar m

    watch free or discond on price

    haw can i gate the watch
    thanks all

  • morph

    I havent watch my last one broke so i need a new one.

  • arnel capistrano

    good times and good memories, precisely timed using this wonderful Orient Watch Journeyman.

  • It’s a really cool watch, and I’d really like to own one…..

  • Monk-e C.

    I would be just a great christmas present for my uncle Jacques C. Jr! Altough not sure if he travels that much this days, those 328 feet will surely fit ;)

  • satheesh kumar

    i love orient watch because I LIKE GOOD THINKS

  • mahesh

    thanks mydigitallife for this great giveaway, i am the man, who goes on with time, i changes myself with time, i do work with time , so the is only my concern , that’s why i need something to be on time and orient watches are the best things i can had to be o”on time”.

  • bala

    Thanks for this great contest mydigitallife. This watch would be really good for me to keep my time in the board exams in February. Thanks hope i win.

  • Don

    My reason for entering into this contest is that I am a father of 6 and struggling to make ends meet as both a man and provider for my family. I am actually not trying to get this for myself, but for my own father who has worked all his life to provide for his family. Now that he is older, I would like to present this as a gift for him for all that he has done to provide for his family and also making us what we are today. I look up to my father for all the accomplishments he has done in life, but now that he is retired and unfortunately unable to do the things that he used to be able to do, this would be a perfect gift for him as a thanks for all he has done.

    Thank you, and good luck to all of you who have entered.

  • shreyas

    I need orient watch because it is really a cool watch…so it vl look nice on wrist of a cool person nly…thanks

  • Gani

    i dont have a watch really. having a watch such elegant as this i guess will boot my confidence. :)

  • I remember saving up for my first watch when I was 8 years old. It took me what felt like forever to be able to afford a time piece. While I saved the money I needed I would often look at magazine advertising displaying glamorous people using their watch at some important looking event and picture myself wearing my soon to be new watch. My first watch was was nothing special but it made me feel much more grown up and important. As the years passed I started wearing a watch less often as clocks started appearing on more devices that I had in my possession. Then about four years ago my girlfriend gave me a watch for my birthday and I have been wearing one constantly ever since as it reminds me of my big dreams as a youngster. Furthermore I’ve found that it is a symbolic addition to my personal style aesthetic and a watch with the caliber of the Orient would be a fantastic addition to my wardrobe. Although I have never worn an Orient I’m sure it would keep my on schedule and looking great as I traverse the world for my work on documentary film projects.

  • Raj

    its simply the best !!

  • Ed

    I need this watch because I’m late for everything… almost too late for this contest even…

  • Dindo

    I want this watch because my people needs help, I will auction this watch for a much more higher price here in the Philippines to help the victims of flash flood in Cagayan de Oro Phillipines.


  • Oliver

    Since young I have been curious on how automatic watch works. When I got a chance to play with an Orient Watch back then, I was awed by how beautiful, elegant, stylish and perfectly crafted such a watch is.

    When gets older I have been wondering on how time works. As time goes by, it brings along memories of the past, the opportunities to work hard and get things done, and the future where all possiblities and dreams may come true.

    And I come to realize that in order to succeed in life, it’s important to keep progress ahead of the time, and never chase after the time. Time is what human beings progress on. Human invented various time recording devices, including watch, in order to remember accurately what’s happened at that point of time. And nowadays watch has became not only as a time keeping device, but a part of the fashion and self recognition.

    And with so I wish I could get a chance to own such a beautifully crafted watch to help me manage my time in my life to achieve my dream. I don’t have a chance to wear an Orient Watch on my hand yet, other than appreciate its beauty and craftmanship through photos, videos and those wore on my friends’ hands. And owning it is certainly one of my dream which time may fulfill. And it would be great honor for me to use the watch to achieve greater wishes in future time.

    • mohammed jawad

      congratulations Oliver, your comment was really great & you worth to win the watch.

  • Pratul Karmokar

    Orient is one of the finest watch makers in the world.
    Actually mechanical watches are comprised of gears, and jewels, and plates, but once you put it together…Boom! It comes to life, not digital watches that do not contain any moving parts.

    and thinking about watches and time one thing that comes to my mind:
    “Like sands through the hourglass… so are the Days of our Lives….”

  • Nicolas

    The Orient Automatic CFA05001B World Time executive is a lifetime investment.
    This watch is elegant, reliable and robust.
    Moreover it is very comfortable wear.
    I would be proud to wear such a watch as it has a unique character.

  • Richard Worthen

    As a teen working at a jewlry store during high school, I wanted to have an Orient. It was way beyond my means. The owner said he was just starting to sell Omegas and would get me one for 1/3 the cost and let me pay out each week. It was the cheapest model but I took his advise even tho I wanted a Orent. Only ran for ten years and parts for it were unavailable.
    The Omega has been setting in my drawer for 50 years and haven’t had the funds for a great
    watch again. If SANTA or Orient gave me one I could not be happier this Xmas! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To All. Sincerely, Richard Worthen

    P.S. Thanks “My Digital Life” for this and other Offers during 2011.

  • A. Khasani

    In my opinion:
    Time is a double sided sword in the middle of a war.
    If you use it correctly, you may win the war, or at least you can fight and defend your pride as a warrior.
    If you use it incorrectly, you may end up hurting yourself before you even face a single enemy.

    Although I have a lot effort in managing my time, it seems that I sometimes end up using my time in an incorrect way.
    Perhaps with a well-designed watch, I could use my time in a correct way.

  • Bambang Suhendra

    “What time is it?” It’s a simple question, but it can not be answered without Orient Watch Worldtime Journeyman.

  • I don’t want this watch i need it so that i can tell others what the time is.

  • Joe

    Believe it or not I do not own a watch and I need one to:

    1) Keep track time as I am always late
    2) Help me look more professional
    3) Get me more chicks or any for that matter

    and most importantly:

    “No one else needs it more then I do”

  • Adriel

    Every watch need precision and every man of success need know the time for do the necessary and just with a watch with oriental precision like the Orient Watch and I need be a man of success for this I need this watch.

  • Complete Man

    Three “W”s complete a man, Work, Woman, and an Orient Watch.

  • harvardbmw

    I want this watch to ORIENT my life!!!

  • Dennis Fong

    Since young I do not have the habit to wear a watch. 1 years back my brother who was riding his motorbike during his way home back from his camp and got into a accident with breakdown taxi at the middle of the highway, and was pronounced dead while on the way to the hospital.

    When I reach the hospital, the paramedic came over to me and told me during their rescue in the ambulance, my brother insist him to pass me his favourite watch, which is Orient model TT0L001B and saying that’s the best gift he can give me for my wedding. Although the watch is badly damaged and screen cracked I still worn it as I knew this is the best gift I ever accept in my life and reminded of him.

    Just 2 months back, the watch is also pronounced dead. My mum forced me to throw away as both of us been rolling out of tears looking at the watch this few months. Guess I am accepting the fact that he is not around me any more. Looking at this watch reminds me of him, hence ever since I been wearing a watch since he passed away. I accompany my brother to buy this watch during our holiday at US, and he love this brand although I say Cyma or Tag look nicer. Guess I am also influence by him too, or just pretty miss him.

  • Tony

    Hey! This would surely be a nice watch to own, I have known the brand for some time now, Orient has been synonymous with it’s watch making, thus giving the user I true time piece that can be relied on for accurate time.

  • John

    I absolutely love mechanical watches. The engineering that goes behind making one is very interesting. every little piece has to be as perfect as possible to keep the time in sync. I would love this watch for the layout of the face. Having a Power Reserve Gauge is a must if you don’t have a skeleton watch with a transparent barrel. The perpetual date is cool too. Seems like a great watch to add to my very small automatic watch collection. I have 2 Time Pieces so far.

    It is sad that today’s society is more focused on cell phones for time. A watch makes you look more professional. I had a kid ask me to see my phone not to make a call, but to check the time. I clearly had a watch on at the time. I guess it is a dieing interest, or kids don’t know what a watch is.

    More on the Orient Watch, It would be my first Japanese Movement watch. I currently have two SeaGull Movements in a Kennith Cole, and a Fossil. What I really want is a Tourbillon watch, but that is ridiculously expensive.

    Good Luck to all, I hope I win :)


  • Goldi

    Watch …… Whether it is cheap or costly both can serve the purpose of showing time correctly , so i don’t think there is any reason i like this watch untill now , but have a reason to dislike is its very costly , but if i can get it by anyhow then might be there i like it if it has some special things . :p

  • Zoya

    Looking at his watch Orient- product of the modern world with its elegance, novelty,

    unsurpassed excellence and traditional quality, you see the image of the country

    leitmotif of which is striking comparability of susceptibility

    a new identity with ancient traditions, the apparent pliability,

    to stand, walk for a change, so as to be yourself.

    The city with its mores and rural life with family life, this is a job for life.

    Like a tree, which once gave form, and it lives and develops, while maintaining the source.

    And all this is so, it is next-in your hand!

  • Appzalien

    I know that I only have a slim chance of winning but what the heck. The thing is, I have put together gifts for everyone in our family (mostly money to avoid shopping) since my mom has severe demensia and cannot do it herself. Our family is getting fairly large and I could not justify giving myself a gift this year. I did the same last year as well and the little money I have saved was meant to buid a new PC eventually. I could never justify paying 680 bucks for a watch, but if it was free I would probably go nuts.

    Thanks for all your woderful posts and freebee’s. My digital life is one of my favorite places to visit on the net.

    Merry Christmas to the Admin here and all Digital lifers as well!


  • Matteo

    It is beautiful watch and mydigitallife is the best IT site. Best wishes and merry christmas to everyone from Italy. Bye.

  • Melvyn Wan

    Because I make it look damn good.

  • rahul agrawal

    i want to this watch because i like its feature , look , atraction.
    it have a great quality from other watches . its very stylish and a richy look.

  • zamri

    the awesomeness is great !!!

  • zamri


  • Woo Foong Kay

    I would like to have this watch for my Daughter’s birthday. She collected all kind of watches throughout the World. This watch is very charming, lovely and sporty. I believe she would love this watch. If I can get this watch for her, she will be very happy

  • hector

    I really want that Orient Watch. I’ve been watch-less for a long time now. That would really help me a lot cause I’m a working student and I really have to manage my time between studies and work. An easy glimpse of the time in my wrist would be convenient unlike picking up my phone from pocket.

  • Evon Loh Ee Moon

    Its a very unique watch for all people…… It will be the best gift for all occasion. I do hope I can win this watch for my daddy. As a gift for his birthday on February

  • The_Man

    Would really like to own a good watch, my current watch is my mobile.

  • Albert loh

    I’m begging you to give the mighty watch to me….I cant stop thinking about it everyday…It drive me crazy waiting for the winner to be announched!!!

  • Jordi

    Stainless steel, carbon fibre, worldtime function, date and style, do I need to mention any more reasons why I would want to own a watch like ? I think I can get plenty of girls too wearing a cool watch like Orient Executive CFA05001B Automatic Watch, this is brand is not very well known here in Spain and I would make sure all of my friends know what I cool watch I have which would make them wanting to buy one.

  • shraqs

    It’s from Japan, what else can I say!

  • Mohsen

    That Is It Thank You

  • Virender Paul

    I love wearing watch.Currently I am having a citizen Eco drive watch but from some days its not working.I rely on this watch for my everyday tasks.If I win this Orient Watch,It will surely help me organizing time for everyday tasks. Its Technological advances like better accuracy of movement, depth of 100 meters Water Resistance, and highly scratch resistance and anti-reflective coating reduces glare will surely help me in my everday work.It will be be a great gift for me on this new year..

  • Jozsef

    I haven’t watch, so I need this one. I would be very happy If I got this beautiful watch! :)

  • pocky

    I think I should have this watch because:

    I have so many electronics that can tell time, and the only reason I would wear a watch, is if I had one that was this stylish.

  • Michael H.

    This watch would suit me well as I am going to be traveling through Europe next year and I need something better to replace my terrible plastic watch that I currently have. This watch would be an ideal replacement as it is accurate, looks good (a perfect balance between fancy and sporty) and has the ability to track multiple timezone.

  • KH Ng

    This watch is elegant and sporty, tough and reliable and I will wear it with pride in my daily life land when travelling worldwide through various climate and weather changes on business or leisure. It’ll be the jewel of my life and the envy of others as it demonstrates the fine craftsmanship and durability of Orient watches.

  • meredith

    i should get the watch b/c i need a good gift for my husband – i really cant afford anything this awesome and he would so love it

  • iwan setiawan

    I love wearing watch, i hope i have a orient watch and i can wear it everyday.

  • Royke Marcell

    I want to know more about Orient Watch.
    Here in indonesia, this branded is not well known, so i thought if i had a chance to touch it and even more wore it, it will be a satisfaction for both side (Orient Watch and me), and will be an effectively way to campaign about this watch and about Orient Watch.

    Thank yo Digitallife for let me know about Orient Watch, and speciall thank you for Orient Watch for such a great oppurtunity you gave to me.


  • Beta

    Best gift ) …. hope i get it ))

  • luda

    Because I live in Serbia…

  • gangi

    Because I never got anything in life, it would be nice to at least once to get a gift, sincerely.

  • mohammed jawad

    the challenge to proof superiority between the orient & the west was ended in favor of orient, Japanese ORIENT is a very clear & smart example of the east determination for perfection.

  • Alvin

    I will have marriage next year, This Orient beautiful Orient watch will be an excellent gift for my wedding present from Orient and My Digital Life.

  • R.Alagarsamy

    I Like and love this Master piece very much for its Elegant.

  • Kilunarei

    Simply The Best ……

  • Ranjan Dias Jayasinha

    Worlds Best Watch. Nothing to Beat the Orient.

    Good Luck


    I want this watch because it has all the stunning features stated above and its Japanese made so quality & technology would be just awesome. I would love to show this watch to my friends . The design is awesome and would love to see it in my wrist. Another thing is that i don’t have the kind of money needed to purchase it. I am a student. But , yes i aspire for such costly watch in my very wrist. So would be delighted in fact i win it. Thank You !

  • Ace

    I need it!!! I had a old version…

  • Eath Chantrea

    I love this unique watch like Orient Watch because it will surely help me organizing time for everyday tasks. Within better accuracy of movement, depth of 100 meters Water Resistance, and highly scratch resistance and anti-reflective coating reduces glare. I would be grateful if I could win this Orient watch.

  • lemuelpn

    Ever since, even before I get been born here on our beloved planet earth my grand mother Mary reserved one for me. That’s what Orient Watch really meant to be.

  • imran Yousuf kuchay

    Honestly speaking, I never had heard about this watch, 2nd honest thing I don’t have that much money to buy it, third thing I don’t think in my state anybody will be having this watch, They might have Tag Heur, Rolexe e.t.c watches but if i will get this Orient watch I will the luckiest person on whole planet.

  • qs64

    I like it because it is very handsome and professional looking.

  • Ian Hogg

    A watch like this needs a good home!

  • Dundy

    My Citizen watch crashed few weeks ago, so I’m desperate for replacement.

  • Very nice lol ;)

  • Ghulam Mustafa

    Trekking and camping is a great fun in my life which I have always enjoyed. Although digital devices have affected every field especially wearing of analogue watches but those who really appreciate the beauty of human creation, they definitely value analogue watches.
    Quite honestly a watch like “Orient Automatic CFA05001B World Time executive watch” will magnify the fun of trekking and camping in my life. I am sitting fingers crossed.

  • Lawrence Vismonte

    i love this watch because the design is very unique and this is exactly to me because i always travel around the globe so that the watch is very important to me not in personal use but also to my work. i hope i’ll get this xmas gift for this xmas. i love this watch.

  • Prem

    I would love to have the cute little angel in my hand because it is simply gorgeous !!!

  • Chuah Leong Ee

    I really love this watch cause it is very unique , sporty, classy and excellent with very good looking and having a sapphire crystal glass contains anti-scratch. Excellent automatic mechanism with accurate time movement. Hope to have this watch in my dreams come true.

  • keykavus

    I have an Orient LH L469135 watch. It was gift to me from my uncle. He gave it to me 8 years ago. This watch was with me from entering exam to university till graduating from master degree. I wore it at all exams an it was one of reasons of my success. But unfortunately it is not working now. Now I am working and need a new watch.
    These are reasons why I love the Orient Watch. You will determine if I should be one who will get the new Orient watch. If I will not win this giveaway, I will try to buy an Orient watch, but I can not afford this one.

  • Sujith

    Both young children and old people have a lot of time on their hands. That’s probably why they get along so well, So Oriented….

    Orient Watches, With you for lives…

  • Elham

    Life is a journey, and I love to have a Orient Watch Worldtime !

  • farkascaba

    because I am poor,can not buy it…

  • ajit mallah

    I need Orient Watch Journeyman model CFA05001B watch because of following Good reasons:-

    1) Movement: Orient watch utilizes the Orient Caliber 46K40 automatic 21 jewel mechanical movement, which is usually accurate to within +/- 10 seconds per day.

    2) Water Resistance: Orient CFA05001B is water resistant to a depth of 100 meters, it is perfectly suited for swimming, sailing, snorkeling and surfing.

    3) Case: The Orient CFA05001B watch has a protected screw-down crown at the 2 o’clock position used to set the 24 hour inner bezel and time. It has a non-screw-down protected crown at the 4 o’clock position for setting the outer, world time bezel and date. his Orient watch has an Exhibition (see-through) screw-down case back that is made of anti-reflective highly scratch resistant sapphire.

    4) Dial Crystal: The dial crystal is made of highly scratch resistance anti-reflective sapphire.The anti-reflective coating reduces glare.

    5) Dial Face: The dial face is made of black carbon fiber with silver tone LumiBrite hands and markers for easy visibility in most light conditions.

    6) Trusted Brand Orient:- They are Japan’s largest mechanical watch manufacturer with a passion for designing, manufacturing and assembling the very best mechanical movements, used exclusively in their watches.

    This are reasons for which I need this watch.

  • rajat

    i want this watch as an acknowledgement and gift of my loyalty towars mydigitallife, which i have been visiting for all technological updates and downloads. And regards orient, i just love watches. :)

  • juriel

    i got my first wrist watch and it was a gift from my father. i know this will be a GREAT gift this coming Christmas :) hoping to have this. God bless.

  • tj001

    I need a watch.

  • Jorge Garza

    Its a nice watch, plain and simple :D

  • Sohail Shaikh

    I would love to get my hands on, rather inside this Orient masterpiece which looks awesome, outstanding, state of the art in every sense. What better way to keep track of your precious time than look at this classic work of art. Features like sapphire crystal and 40 hours of reserve power make it all the more appealing.

  • Kili

    Wow, an overwhelming amount of posts already. Great news though, at least I get a chance at winning something.

    I’ve been dreaming for an Orient watch for a while now. And now I’ll be dreaming about winning this giveaway as well (for a few days).

    Well, I’m a big fan of mechanical watches, and Orient Watch is in my top 3 brands. I became familiar with the brand 5 years ago after a trip to France (apparently the brand is pretty popular there). Some magazines I brought with me had some very classy looking Orient watches. Since then I’ve been keeping an eye on Orient Watch and their products. In a couple of months I’ll probably be able to afford one.

    Here’s a video showing the great detailed work that goes into making one of these watches:


  • Andreas

    It really seems like a desirable watch.

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  • John Rice

    I need to replace my failing Motorola Pager I’ve been using as a pocket watch. It’s been very reliable as a combination watch/alarm and has served me well over the years but all good things must somewhere along the way come to an end. May it rest in peace, I’m going to miss it.

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  • vijeth hegde

    I am always late for lectures ,,,, And desperately needs an watch ….And too shelled out to buy a good watch on this holiday ….

    Hey its a great give away…I adore this gesture of mydigitallife.info … And keep my finger crossed to get this…. Thanking you people for such a contest,,, Wishing u a good holiday this season..

  • vijeth hegde

    Hey its a great give away…I adore this gesture of mydigitallife.info … And keep my finger crossed to get this…. Thanking you people for such a contest,,, Wishing u a good holiday this season..

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    I would love to win this watch. I have the Orient Multi-Eyes with the white face and blue hands, and I love it. I wear it every day, and it’s an attractive, quality timepiece.

    That being said, I think that you should give the watch to Gail McGaffigan. I would feel like a total schmuck taking this watch when her husband sounds like he deserves it more than anyone on this page.

  • Ghassan Jeanbart

    I’m on the edge of bying a Tissot Men’s Automatic,
    I was happy to see this add, and give the Orient a shot,
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    Beautifully balanced Carbon Fiber dial works great with the bracelet, perfect size for my wrist at 43mmx12.5mm. Love the addition of the Power indicator & world time feature. Sapphire crystal is an excellent bonus! In my eyes, the perfect balance of classy & sporty, love it, and would wear it proudly!

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    I love automatic watches. Have ever since i was a kid. I have a Orient Mako and love it. I have been eyeing up some of their upper models wishing I could own one. But being disabled at 44 with 2 kids and a wife, there is no way I can afford one. I would love to win one. That is the only way I will ever get one. Thanks for the oppertunity.

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  • I’m going to do something different and actually post my vote for the post above by Gail McGaffigan to be the winner. I would definitely enjoy this watch, and it would be a lovely edition to my very small collection of timepieces, but I think that if what Gail put down is true her husband deserves this watch!

  • I work in many different time zones and would love a watch like this, it truly is a remarkable piece. The orient watches have definitely caught my eye with a number of their designs. I would love a watch like this to tell me what time it is around the world for my work, but also because it is just an amazing looking watch.

    Whoever gets it will be lucky, no doubt about that.

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  • Wow, Great Prize, excellent looking watch. I really have moved over to using my phone as my main time piece, I really miss having a watch, but a cheap time-piece could never tempt me back. But maybe My Digital Life and Orient Automatic Watch Company could persuade me with this beautiful time-piece.

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    It would be an honor to wear such an outstanding watch on my wrist ! To show everyone what a real watch is supposed to look like. Stylish and manly.

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    This watch is such a handsome piece
    A Christmas pressie for my man
    Would love to win it if I can
    The country is in such a mess
    Merry Christmas,have fun,God bless

  • Zaheer

    Folks, This watch is so impressive! Japanese products are one of the world’s most reliable and stylish products! No matter in which country you wear this watch, it will impress everyone. I travel a lot, and if I win this watch, My Digital Life will get the credit for presenting it to me.

    Seriously, if you wear this watch and travel to Japan, India, UAE, UK, USA, etc, every person will immediately notice this watch and give you a thumb up!
    thumb up!

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    I have 4 Orient Watches, one like this one would be highly valued!



  • Rafeeq

    If i dont have orient alarm, i never wake early morning……
    now more than 8 years i am using orient


    Traiesc in ROMANIA ! Acesta este un vis pentru orice cetatean roman de rind ! Un astfel de vis poate deveni realitate pentru mine ?

  • Zach

    I would really LOVE to own an Orient Watch, I came here to buy one today and saw this sweepstakes. Your reputation of being the best value for the highest quality automatic watches is almost unanimous with everyone I’ve talked to that know watches. I would be sure to show this fine timepiece off wherever I go. Please, pick me!

  • yoo

    I don’t own a watch… could I have this one, please? :D

  • Scott Johnson

    Orient watches have the best quality and performance of any watch at a great price! Orient watches also build their own mechanical movements in-house, unlike others that purchase movements to build into their watches. Compare other automatic watches to the constuction, detail, and quality of components and you will see for yourself, nothing compares to Orient. I have a couple of Orient Diver watches and would love to add this one to my collection. Happy Holidays!

  • Victor J Hunt

    I would love to win this watch because it truly looks like a work of art, with all the essential features to match.

  • Victor J Hunt

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  • Starlight Dreamwalker

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    And younger than a moment
    But even I can recognise a watch that’s sublime
    So that’s why I’m making here this comment

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    I love to take it.

  • Matt

    I’ve always admired the Japanese for their intricacy and their quest for perfection in their craftsmanship. Hence my admiration for their culture.
    Even though I spent 23 years in the Air Force and got to travel to many parts of the world I was not fortunate enough to visit Japan to experience their culture and their people first hand.
    If I were lucky enough to win this masterpiece of Japanese craftsmanship this would be the next best way to enjoy all that Japan has to offer.
    すべてが、私は幸運な勝者だ希望への幸運。 (Good luck to all but I hope I’m the lucky winner).

  • dandy

    many hours in the world that offers so much perfection, but in comparison with brand-name watches Journeyman Orient Japanese-made models CFA05001B this, it would seem so real difference and superiority
    thank for giveaway..

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    This is not only watch it is a time travelers machine, hence I want this watch to travel on time.

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  • CanGoose

    Wow !! Certainly one of the most eye-appealing watches that I have seen and would be more than proud to wear. The opportunity to win one is most appreciated.
    Sincere Thanks to Orient Watch & Seasons Greetings from Canada to All.

  • M A Salim Chowdhury

    I simply love this watch of its origin of made(Japan) and its awesome features for an executive person.This watch is perfect Time Machine for those on the run. Designed with travel in mind, this timepiece is an elegant way to stand out no matter where we are. Features of Orient Watch Journeyman include water resistant 100m, stainless steel case, screwed-down crown, skeleton caseback, 4-screw-fixed caseback, solid bracelet, 40 hours power reserve, sapphire crystal and etc. What else we need for this century !!!!!

  • Philip

    Had the same Casio watch for 15 years, time for a new one.

  • Donna Rondo

    I live on a very fixed income and I take care of my son. I never know when he will need a surgery or medicine. I too am disabled. I never buy anything nice for myself in fear that he will need something. So this would be nice to have. It would look so nice on my arm and it would be really nice to have something so pretty. Happy Holidays.

  • RB2

    I’m am thouroughly fed up with my low-grade Casio’s and Timex watches.
    Every 12-18-24 months I have to buy a new one of the above because they just give out.
    I’ve been looking for a reliable, upper end replacement to the above watches so that I can avoid
    the usual cycle of perpetual near-term watch purchases. The Orient Journeyman is sharp and I would love to have a quality timepiece such as this for Christmas. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  • James Glazier

    I really don’t need it but I want it.

  • Mohsin Ahmed Khan

    O for Orient, my first Love…i love Orient watches because it speaks it self …

  • long le

    Need a watch like this to replace my $5 watch

  • chad tunis

    It’s a great looking watch – would look neat on my wrist!!!

  • Mike W

    Simply might be the nicest Orient model outside of one of their divers that I have seen. Love it and would be the perfect sports watch for me. Merry Christmas and good luck to all.

  • nick

    why, I can’t buy one from your website, I am in Canada.

    • DLS

      Damn right, can’t order that from .ca however them .ca women would sure DIG it (possibly) as much as i would.

  • Smit Sanghavi

    The Orient Watch looks really good and would suite on anybody.
    I would like to get this watch because I love watches!
    Watches define style…

  • Mike Harris

    I’ve had the same yellow Fossil watch for roughly 12 years. A lot of people see this watch as a signature piece of mine. Truthfully, I love it BUT I’m ready to move on. I want to have a new signature piece. I want a watch that will take me through the next 10+ years. I want a watch that’s current and stylish and just plain cool. I want a watch that says something different about me. Something positive and more sophisticated. I turned 30 this year so it seems like a perfect time to start a new chapter. What better way than with something I’ll wear everyday as a reminder of my new start.

  • Nairb

    This looks like a watch I could wear. I am a law school student who needs to look the part. This watch has the possibility of being on my wrist for many years to come as I represent my clients in technology law. If I win this watch, I would proudly show it off to my fellow law school students, and brag about how great it truly is.

    A MyDigitalLife reader;

  • vikky

    Everyone loves elegant Orient watches, and I am no exception. In fact, it has been my aspiration to wear a stylish orient watch.
    I go to work on 9-0 AM. Keeping on time is very important for me. After my work hours,I try to devote 1-2 hours for doing social work. I volunteer to teach children of poor people who can not afford to go to school. Either they can’t afford to go to schools, or are school drop-outs who are forced to work to earn bread for their families. I want to see them literate. Its my hobby and my passion.
    Yet, I understand that whatever I do is like a drop in the ocean. But I won’t give up because I know that I have miles to go before I sleep.
    And yes, a beautiful Orient watch can be my time-keeping friend. Can be a priceless possession.
    Fingers crossed!! Thanks.

  • Bitbull

    Hi. My grandfather used to work on and repair watches all his life. He died not so long ago, before I could learn his techniques and knowledge. Nontheless, watches, and especially mechanical ones, mean a lot to me. And that’s why I’m so interested in this very special one (contest’s subject).
    Happy holidays to all of you. Time flies, but you’re the pilot!

  • Pralhad

    i simply love the watch.

  • Luke

    This watch is absolutely beautiful, and although I don’t think I ‘deserve’ to win anymore than anyone else here, I’ll at least say why I’d like to win.

    My grandfather is very old and has been a great role model of mine my entire life. He was an entrepreneur and family man. With the recent economic troubles, his real estate business was crushed and now lives with my father, unable to afford a nursing home. With time being so short, I’d love to be able to give him this watch for Christmas, to remind him that every second counts.

    I don’t need the watch, as I know I’m getting one for Christmas already (significantly less expensive than this one), but this would an amazing gift for my grandpa.

    Thanks and good luck to everyone,


  • mahendra

    I can never afford such a watch myself. Thanks to MyDigitalLife is giving away such a great watch.

    I don’t know a lot of Orient watches but looking the design it’s look elegant and so stylish. And I think this watch will sustainable for me and my activities. I hope could be the winner for this contest and also I hope My Digital Life will fulfill my dream.

  • I would like a PROPER watch, to replace my old Certina DS, and this watch could be it!

  • dave_77

    Simply, I would be delighted to have, as my first automatic watch, a piece of the best Japanese technology.

  • Wing Tip Schu

    Orient offers fine value in a mechanic timepiece.

  • A. G.

    Well, to start, I obviously don’t feel entitled or deserving enough to get this watch but it’s worth a shot right.

    Your company has sparked my interest in watched. I never had shown an interest in watches ever before until I went to switzerland and saw the respect watches were treated with there. With a bit of research thanks to the internet, I was led to your website. I heard that japanese movements are highly coveted in the watch business and are very reliable. What gets me though is the accuracy and almost impossible fact that something so intricate can be assembled into a working watch.

    I just got my first watch in the Orient esteem and I can say that I love it. Has gotten a lot of looks and is very eye catching. Now this contest watch is something I am also interested in. Not for me. I think my Dad deserves something like this.

  • I must admit I was never a fan of needle watch and preferred a digitized watch. I just saw the Orient Executive CFA05001B Automatic Watch video posted in the article. For some unexplainable reason, this watch, though needles and gears, is futuristic enough to make me rethink my love for digital watches. It has the mechanics of old age and the looks of the future. It almost like wearing something like `time` itself. It has been almost 13 years now since I wore anything on my wrist. I’m too dependent on my mobiles. I’d love to win the Orient Executive CFA05001B Automatic Watch. Even if I don’t, I’ll somehow get to own this masterpiece one day.

  • ChicagoMike

    I believe that I deserve to win the Journeyman, because it is my favorite worldtimer of all time: this model, this dial color. I live abroad now, in the Middle East, and I want to have access to home time, as well as the times of the various people I communicate with in Europe. My wife and I couldn’t afford to get me the Journeyman, so I got an Orient Excursionist in white (which I wear on various nato straps). I love the rugged beauty of the Excursionist, and it keeps me connected to one other time zone (my parents in EST), but it doesn’t do exactly what I want – give me all of them at once. Since we put off the Journeyman purchase, we hoped to have the cash to order one for Christmas, but alas our budget is running thin. It would truly be a Christmas miracle if I was able to receive this watch despite our current destitution… (It could always be shipped to a US address and then forwarded to us by family, if that’s a concern!)

  • Prashant

    Because you posted this thing on your site and now i want it because i want it to have

  • Au Yong Chee Hoong

    Give me a chance to own a Orient watch that I don’t have at the moment. I’m currently jobless and that would be helpful in meeting my future employer. With green technology, innovative design and immaculate craftsmanship, this is definitely a watch to own for every person.

  • Klaus Pampus

    I have 2 Orient Automatics, read up the company history and especially i liked a comparison test between a Rolex and an Orient, both divers watches. http://www.orientalwatchsite.com/orient-2er00001b-vs-the-rolex-submariner-a-brand-duel/. Orient was par, on a 30th of the price.I own the The Orient 2ER00001B, but in a version with sapphire glas.

    Here in Germany Orient is only imported by one company, although they have a high renommee among watch lovers. So its hard to get what you want here.

    I keep my pc up to date, with handpicked quality parts, in ram. cpu, ssd etc, all self-assembled. I am administering server and pc’ s in our office. Having an analog mechanical Orient watch with its high accuracy and perfect craftsmanship in my ever faster changing digital environment gives me a couple of moments of serenity everyday. Because humans are analog, too.

  • Trevor Trebell

    I should be awarded this watch because I already own 4 Orient watches. A Mako, Hellenic, Dignitary and unknown 3 Star. I also purchased a Leader for my girlfriend. If I am selected to own this fine watch I will give my Mako to a friend for Christmas. I figure if I am lucky enough to be shown a good gesture, I should return the favor.

  • Chandra

    Bold, Sophisticated, Excellent for Executive

  • John Waite

    I want this watch to impress my co-workers and friends.

  • lijo

    nice watch and so elegant

  • coco

    great watch. i love orient watches

  • Michael Walters

    I think that you should award the watch to me solely because I am a watch collector with a horribly small budget. I have never been able to afford a watch worth more than $100 USD. I do love Orient watches and have bought a used Orient Mako, which I still have. It would love to sit in my humble watch case with it’s more rarefied cousin. I have a small watch budget because I spend all my money on my beautiful wife and four children.
    Thanks for considering me!
    Michael Walters

  • Anonymous

    I am 26 years old. I graduated from high-school with an unimpressive GPA, despite my intellect. In my youth, I lacked motivation and focus. I was not outspoken among any but my closest of friends, and I had no real passions in life. To this day, I have accomplished very little. To put it simply, I don’t feel I deserve a watch as nice as the Orient Automatic CFA05001B.

    That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate the watch. I am, in fact, admittedly covetous of it for a number of reasons. While I admittedly find some functions of the watch to some extent superfluous, I can certainly see the usefulness of those functions to someone who is driven to travel, and whose success allows him or her to do so. I find the battery-free and power indicator mechanism to be the most useful to me, and I admit that I have had my eye on watches with similar mechanisms, albeit without the power indicator, for some time.

    I did say, however, that I don’t feel I deserve a watch this nice, but there is someone who I believe is most deserving of something like this. The video of his speech at the Iowa House of Representatives in February went viral, accruing over a million hits on YouTube. The clip was shown on a variety of news channels, and although the speech was not able to prevent the passing of House Joint Resolution Six, it has not been taken up in senate, and marriage among gay and lesbian couples remains legal in Iowa. I speak, of course, of Zach Wahls.

    Among his generation, or mine, I have not heard a more powerful voice. Maybe I wasn’t listening so well before, but a speech that resonates as well as Wahls’s would be heard even by those who weren’t. For the first time, I was able to hear the words of someone speaking passionately about something in which he believed, something in which I believe, and something upon which this country was founded: equality and freedom.

    Many are more deserving of this watch than I, but not so many as deserving as Zach. Please consider him as the recipient of this gift.

  • Doris Calvert

    Your watches are so elegant, I love watches it sure would be nice to own one of yours:)

  • Donna Rondo

    I would love to have one of your lovely watches. I live on a fixed income and I am disabled. I take care of my son. I never spend money on myself because I am always worried that he will have to have another surgery or need another medicine. So I live with in very low means so that he can have everything he needs. I don’t drink or smoke. I don’t do anything like that to waste any kind of money’s on me. It just would be nice to have something so pretty for me just this once. Thank you for the chance to try and win it.
    Happy Holidays!

  • anonymous

    crap with price soap.

  • Rakesh

    When it comes to watches there are very few brands (of course I am talking about the rich brands) which come to our mind and one among them is Orient. Being a freak of owning different watches, I definitely dream of owning one from Orient which produces one of the finest mechanical watches.

    But looking at the cost at which they offer I never ever thought of owning one, but looking at the MyDigitalLife’s giveaway now I can definitely dream of wearing it on my wrist and smile :-)

    Keeping my hands twisted and fingers crossed and hoping MyDigitalLife gives me an opportunity to wide open my twisted hands and fingers to accept the lovely watch !!!

  • Selvaraj.N

    Because I don’t have one.

  • I like the design, nicely build, accurate movement, and certainly worth more than the asking price. :)

  • Marcus

    I am envisioning the watch on my wrist… Thanks for the giveaway contest!

  • adrienne zedella

    I don’t really DESERVE this watch – I haven’t done anything exceptional to deserve this watch other than being born like every one else; i.e breathing, exerting energy, working the provebial ass off for nothing, mothering throught difficul times, and existing on this planet like everyone else. I’m not going to blow a horn (I wish I knew how – I LOVE a GREAT HORN SECTION!! – I only learned how to play piano (get it? tunafish?)> ANYWAY – I can play a pretty mean piano but I am not famous; I do not have gold records, I do not have recordings, but I bet that I can kick your butt on a jazz riff (YES YOU!!< JUDGE! – Whoever is reading this and figuring out who to give this watch to…). My claim to fame is being a darn good single mom. My teen boys (one of who I would save this watch for graduation present…) are both products of two very good parents who devote their time and energy to providing the best possible care and guidance in this wayward world of inconclusionary offsets. They (I have 2!!) are hard-working, dedicated, and devoted individuals with a goal thus far, are National USATF Track Champions (feel free to look that up Aaron Zedella and Jonathan Zedella), have 3.5 grade point averages in private high school – and my goal to win this watch to give to one of my sons as a graduation present is key to my goal as a mom since I cannot afford to provide this on my own- I'm a PAUPER. Would be priveleged to bestow upon one of my beloved sons a timepiece worthy of wearing proudly. My oldest (junior in high school has received letters of interst from Brown University, Yale, Princeton, U of Nebraska, U or Miami, U of North Carolina, West Point for his track athletes — I think they deserve a watch from Orient – I personally do not – but would gladly give to them.
    Thanks for listening – A mom of two great teen sons!!!
    chichiunk at cs dot com

    • adrienne zedella

      Sorry – chichijunk at cs dot com

      left out a letter (see previous long post)

  • Sanjay

    Santa promised me this one.

  • This watch could Orient a man on the Journey of life. I hope that I am that man.

  • Mike

    Because I am awesome and I have been a good boy this year :p

  • Greg Dutton

    I would love to win this watch because I’ve yet to own an Orient, but have been thinking about it for some time. I’m on the fence, but if this watch proved to be as good as many people say it is, it could definitely make me an Orient fan for life.



  • suresh gupta

    It is my feeling that Time ripens all things; with Time all things are revealed; Time is the father of truth.

  • Neil

    I have an Orient diver and wear it for most of the summer. It’s a beautiful and very well made watch therefore I would certainly love another Orient watch.

  • David Yang

    I can’t keep time. I wouldn’t mind figuring out time with a new watch ;)

  • come2learn

    Mysterious Orient, maybe you hear this word somewhere, a wonderful land, and the People of Japanese are wonderful National also. They like the clearly, exactly, and simply. They also strongly, as you knew in March 2011, Earthquake-Tsunami disaster have destructed all houses, hospitals, schools,…and after 9 months later, They rise up , like the Sun, their National Flag. I admire them.
    I never use the Orient Watch, look into this watch, you can see a Mysterious Orient, one Japan spirit. I am not a professional in watch, therefore I can’t talk about its engine, I simply like it because I like this National, like people, the Samurai spirit.

  • rmand_bc

    Time is gold. Indeed, it is. Life is entangled with it for a lifetime, for eternity. Everyday would be spent wisely, every moment would be seized to the fullest if one would be guided accordingly by precise time. Thus the dire need for timepieces so precise and reliable just like this Orientman Watch Journeyman. I value life so much. Every memory, every moment. And with this timepiece, I would be able to seize life, journey and live it to the fullest.

  • Lam Nguyen

    I love this watch’s design – manly, and fashionable for me.

  • LenD

    I didn’t get one when I retired earlier this year. This one is a beauty.

  • Scott S

    I only have an old digital watch that I have worn for almost 10 years. I was going to buy myself a watch for Christmas but had to fix my car instead.
    A friend has a nice Orient watch and I was amazed at the ‘bang for the buck’ value of them which lead me here.
    If I dont win this one, I will likely buy one in a month or two.

    • andy peters

      Firstly, this is a gorgeous watch. At this price point I could never afford such a piece. Orient knows how to make wonderful, top-of-the-line timepieces and this is one of them.

      Secondly, this watch has many functions that make it unique. The 24 hour bezel allows one to track times across the globe. The crystal is sapphire with anti-reflection coating: this puppy isn’t going to scratch on you, desk divers. The movement is of the highest caliber and with the see-through, sapphire caseback you can truly appreciate the craftmanship. The face is magnificent, with a detailed finish beyond anything you’d expect. Google it, you’ll see.

      Thirdly, I would appreciate this watch. I don’t have the funds to collect watches like others and this timepiece would be front and centre, displayed to all and worn proudly. I can’t say enough good things about this watch, and if I were lucky enough to receive it I would likely never have to stop.

  • Jaime

    I love mechanical watches because I love the idea of wearing a functional piece of art and mechanical engineering.

  • Mario

    it sucks, just kidding. a beautiful watch, will be my!

  • Nate

    I haven’t purchased a watch in almost 6 months, and I am going through severe withdrawls. Often, I check the Orient website and drool over several different watches, then fail to pull the trigger on any of them, which results in going out drinking then blowing any money I would have used towards purchasing said watch or watches on booze. An opportunity to win an amazing looking Orient watch, however, would leave plenty of left over money for boozing, while being able to show off my fancy, new, Orient watch to the hot bartender girls. Granted, I have no chance with them, but that’s not the point. They would all be like, “we really like your watch” and I’d be like, “thanks, I won it from mydigitallife” and they’d be like, “what’s the website where you can buy those watches?” and I’d be all like “orientwatchusa.com” and then they would buy a bunch of your watches. I’m just that influential. Then probably about 10 billion dollars in sales later, you guys would think it was a really brilliant idea on your part to give that really nice, world time watch to me. I’m not going to guarantee these results. Actually, if you don’t get 10 billion dollars in sales after giving me that watch, I’ll deny I wrote any of this, and blame it on my cat. But I would like the watch because it’s really cool, with lots of features, and, well, I just really really want it!

  • mike

    I would like to have this watch for Christmas. it will look nice on my wrist. thank you.

  • James Parham

    I had abdominal surgery in late November, and accidentally left my other worldtime watch at the hospital. Now there’s a gaping hole in my collection. I’ve always admired this watch, and I’m a big Orient fan; I own a Mako and a Sky and would love to expand!

  • Christoph

    Wow, that’s not a watch, that’s a piece of art … amazing.

  • Normand Hebert

    I need this watch After being robbed of all my Other watch Last month in a house Burglary
    I could use a little luck a watch like this would be a good start

  • Terence Spivey

    That Orient is hot to def i need it for my collection!!!

  • Amjad Mehmood

    I want to get this watch because I am living in Pakistan, working for US, Canada, UK and Middle East based call center. I need to keep track of different regions and time zone at same time which is very difficult and frustrating. This watch can solve my problem and I will be able to manage different time zone easily.

  • mike

    me, i want to know time with journeyman…

  • Kai

    What a great giveaway.

    I’m a long-time fan of mechanical watches (as well as Japanese technological products in general) and I have to say that Orient Watch is one of my favorite brands mainly because of their superb quality, great functionality, innovative features, and classy designs.

    I have a great appreciation for Orient Watch products and consider them to be something between a work of art and classy technological product.

    It’s weird how this giveaway came just when I was thinking of saving up for a watch like this.

    It would be wonderful if I were to become the owner of this watch. It would be of great use to me.

  • Narinder Dhillon

    I would love to have this watch on my hand, it’s no doubt like a perfect companion for my life. Watch is not the one which you just look for time but the one you can’t take your eyes off just like a girl which you just have crush on

  • Thomas

    I like to live by the saying, “Life as if you die tomorrow”. I’ll never lose any time with the Orient’s excellent movement when seconds count.

  • Ben

    Because I still need to get something for my dad for Christmas

  • Alexander

    Because the last Orient watch I had (which was a gift from my grandmother) was stolen by a crackhead.

  • jay fam

    i would like to win this Orient Watch Journeyman model CFA05001B because its too nice to wear on my hand and show this off to friends

  • Mario

    It completes me !

  • Madman

    For the inexperienced time traveler……Orient Journeyman. Love it!

  • Stan

    I love how the GMT function is implemented on this watch! Orient is one of my favorite watchmakers: in-house movements, great designs, 60 year history, and great quality!

  • Michael Wolfe

    Plain and simple this may be the coolest Orient watch I have seen outside of those in their Diver series. I am in desperate need of what I would call a dressier sport watch and this slick piece fits the bill. Thanks for the great contest.

  • Marcello

    I know the Orient Watch, though I can not afford watches of this type, given the high cost. Orient Watch is undoubtedly synonymous with ruggedness and reliability, I’d be the happiest (and tip) of the world if I could win this fantastic prize!
    Beyond the competition, thank Raymond to be always on top. Your blog is one of the best existing in this crazy web!
    Marcello (Italy)

  • Ryan

    Because I don’t have a real watch!

    • Ryan

      And because i’m a poor college student and can barely afford ramen!

  • tracey byram

    I’d love to give such an awesome watch to my kind and generous son-in-law for all that he has done for me.

  • Milton

    That is one sweet looking watch! Has the standard sapphire crystal, see thru caseback, etc. but it also has world time, power reserve and the dial does not look cluttered despite all that info on it. The carbon fiber dial is very slick. Excellent pricepoint for a very nice movement on a great looking automatic. I like it! I don’t own an Orient and definitely wouldn’t mind having this one on my wrist.

  • Mike Williams

    I want to take a journey with the Journeyman!

  • Jerzy

    Could be there a better Christmas present for journey man than…….the Journeyman? Absolutely not!!!

  • Claudiu Popa

    Time is the most precious gift we get in this journey. We should all have a Journeyman to constantly remind us that.

  • Manish Shah

    I have not worn a watch in 16 years but when i do i like to wear the Orient Journeyman

  • Vaibhav


  • Ashkan

    I know there would be a ton of comments flowing .. but i learn that in the darkest sight there is tiny light that you didn`t see it yet ..
    i’ll be very happy to have that exemplary Beauty ..

  • DanS

    I will give it to my dad.

  • nervin

    I like this watch .and it’s a perfect gift for me for Christmas ..Love ya,

  • paolo

    Man says time passes by. Time says man passes by.

  • xMishka

    I love watch!

  • alberto

    ….because I do not have a clock….Elementary, my dear Watson !

  • Bayilo

    ORIENT, the Time Stamp!