USB Flash drive is quite commonly used nowadays due to its tiny pocket size. It is easily carried around and can hold quite a substantial amount of data. However, due to its mini size, sometimes it can be misplaced or dropped easily without notice. Someone who accidentally finds it might look at the confidential data stored inside. Of course users can use security tools to lock or protect the data. Nevertheless, if users are worried this protection measure is not sufficient, users can probably now look at this special USB Dial Padlock which is invented by a Japanese company, Thanko.

USB Padlock by Thanko

The USB Dial Padlock costs approximately $8. This padlock is designed particularly to lock USB Flash drives when they are not in use. Users can insert the USB drive into this padlock, set a three-digit numeric password, and it will prevent anyone else from using the flash drive. Nobody can unlock the padlock without the correct password. If they try to pull the padlock away from the flash drive, it will damage the flash drive substantially.

It is a pretty interesting invention. It is useful especially for those who are lazy to protect their data with security applications. They can just use the padlock instead of going through the tedious security prevention processes.