iBuzz Music Activated Vibrator

LoveHoney is selling iBuzz, a ultimate sex toy that will vibrates according to music played by iPod when connected to it. When the volume is pumped up, the vibrations get faster as the music gets louder.

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Reveal or Hide Windows System Files and Folders

Several folders in Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98 and Windows Me that contain important system files (such as Windows, Program Files, Windows\System and Windows\System32 folders) have been hided or concealed. You won’t be able to see the listing of files inside these system folders, instead a patronizing warning will be displayed to warn about modifying the contents of the folder could cause your programs […]

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MSN Contextual Ads Program Named ContentAds

JenSense has found out that MSN contextual ads program for publishers will be name ContentAds, when JenSense was reading the Mix06 conference details for Introducing adCenter – Microsoft’s Next Generation Advertising Platform session by Microsoft.

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Host Your Domain Email with Google on Gmail Technology

Google is offering a service which Google will provide Gmail service to a domain. Call Gmail For Your Domain, it will use a company’s or organisation’s domain name instead of the Gmail.com domain, although the email service will be hosted on Google’s servers.

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mtvU Über – Digital TV Channel by Broadband

mtvU Über is a digital online TV channel from MTV, or more specifically, MTV campus network mtvU. mtvU Uber is distributed entirely by streaming download via broadband by mode of 24/7 linear streaming and on demand, and most importantly, the channel is available for viewing without any charge. Yes, it’s free. mtuU Uber is supported by purely by advertising shown before or after some mtvU […]

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nlist – Novell NetWare Utility to View and Search Objects and Properties

Introduction to NLIST NLIST is a workstation command line utility for Novell NetWare. nlist is used at a workstation to allow the following tasks being carried out:

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Remove and Uninstall Windows Messenger

Windows Messenger is an instant messaging program that built-in to Windows XP, and thus, comes shipped with each and every copy of Microsoft Windows XP operating system. There is also a Windows Messenger service built-in in Windows XP that helps produce pop up ads via IP addresses. The two programs are completely different and seperate though they have almost the same name.

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Tao TXM1020 XM2go Review by CNet

CNet writes a review about Tao TXM1020 XM2go. It gives Tao XM2go portable XM radio a rating of excellent 8.4 (out of 10) and summarizes the gadget as below:

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Tao XM2go Receiver and XM Satellite Radio Review by The Tech

The Tech writes a useful review on Tao XM2Go Receiver and XM Satellite Radio. It recommends:

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Tao XM2go Review by PC Magazine

PC Magazine writes a review on Tao XM2Go handheld satellite radio that similar to Delphi MyFi XM2go. It recommends:

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VuGo Portable Multimedia System Review by Linuxslate

Linuxslate reviews VuGo portable multimedia system by Tiger, and is not very impressed with the gadget. Right before buying, the reviewer already has a huge problem to find more information about VuGo: “I never could find simple specifications such as the screen resolution!! That includes checking the box, VuGo.com, and almost an hour of Google searches.”

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VuGo Portable Multimedia Center – On-the-go Video for Tweens

Hasbro has developed a set of training wheels for Apple’s Video iPod. The VuGo portable multimedia center allows tweens to record or download TV shows, music or photos. That media can be recorded from a DVD player or TV, downloaded from a computer, or purchased online through Hasbro’s Tiger Electronics division.

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