Portdowngrade – Downgrade to Previous Version of FreeBSD’s Ports

After you upgrade or update the FreeBSD’s ports, you may found out that there is some buys with the lastest version of a package. For example, after I ran CVSup on all ports collection on my FreeBSD server, it updated my subversion to svn version 1.3.0-rc2. The problem is, when I tried to restart Apache server, there is error that saying mod_dav_svn.so is missing.

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Installing and Configuring DHCP Server (DHCPd) on FreeBSD

DHCP, the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, describes the means by which a system can connect to a network and obtain the necessary information for communication upon that network.

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Disable Auto Go To (Jump) To Read More Tag

In WordPress, it’s possible to a WordPress blog site to display post excerpts on the front or home page, and the visitors have to click on the title or a link to continue reading your post or article.

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Windows XP SP2 TCP Connection Limit (Event ID 4226)

With the release of Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Microsoft Windows XP, the SP2 has introduced a feature that limit concurrent TCP connection attempts that are possible to 10 per seconds. In Service Pack 1 or without Service Pack, there is no limit on concurrent TCP connection attemps.

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ppStream Connection Limit in Configuration Settings

Note: The newer version of ppSteream has integrated the configuration into the program’s menu. ppStream comes with a configuration file named setting.ini at the installation folder. It’s possible to tweak the connection limit settings in the configuration file to achieve optimum bandwidth speed for best viewing experience. It’s a good answer to solve some problem when viewing channel with ppStream such as streaming lagging, frequent […]

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Easy Way to Upgrade FreeBSD’s Ports

Before you can update and upgrade the FreeBSD’s ports, the Ports Collection needs to be updated. Follow step here to update the Ports Collection. Once you updated your Ports Collection, before attempting a port upgrade, you should check the /usr/ports/UPDATING file. This file describes various issues and additional steps users may encounter and need to perform when updating a port.

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Update FreeBSD Ports Collection Up to Date and Latest

CVSup can be used as a quick method for getting the Ports Collection and keep the ports tree up to date. CVSup distributes and updates source trees from a master CVS repository on a remote server host. The FreeBSD sources are maintained in a CVS repository on a central development machine in California. With CVSup, FreeBSD users can easily keep their own source trees up […]

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Translate and Convert RGB Color Values into Hexadecimal Hex Equivalent

In a html web page, there is code such as <body bgcolor=#ffffff> or color=”#000000″. The “ffffff” is the colour RGB hexadecimal value which will translate into a white, and “000000” is black.

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phpBB – Create a Vertical Cell or Pane on the Left Side of the Forum for Google AdSense

This step by step guide will add a vertical cell / pane on the left hand side of the phpBB board, which can be used to accomodate a Google AdSense Skyscraper or Wide Skyscraper ads.

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WinSCP – Freeware SFTP and SCP client for Windows

WinSCP is a freeware SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) and SCP (Secure CoPy) client for Windows using SSH (Secure SHell). Its main function is safe copying of files between a local and a remote computer. Beyond this basic function, WinSCP manages some other actions with files.

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Making phpBB2 working with PHP5

Officially, phpBB 2 (as of this writing, up to version 2.0.17) is not supporting PHP 5. If you install PHP 5, and use it to run phpBB, you will encounter the following symptoms and errors: You cannot post message – When you want to post new topic or reply to a topic, after writing your message, when you click “Submit”, a blank page or screen […]

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ppStream – P2P based Streaming Media (P2P Internet TV)

Introduction to ppStream and P2P TV PPstream is a software that allows to view a streaming audio video media (i.e. TV channels) based on BitTorrent Peer to Peer (P2P) technology.

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