Pandora – Find Music that You’ll Like

Six years ago, a group of music lovers started Music Genome Project, where they analyze each song by using up to 400 distinct musical characteristics, resulted in most sophisticated taxonomy of musical information ever collected.

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Search Online Video with Truveo

Digital video has increasingly gaining popularity with the advance of technology, making video taking and capture an easy task. So do video search on the web, with increasing numbers of internet users searching for high quality, most popular video.

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Copyscape – Protects Copyrights and Prevents Content Theft

Copyscape is a service that helps webmaster to fight online plagiarism and content theft. Copyscape defends your rights online by finding sites that have copied your content without permission, as well as those that have quoted you.

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Important Tools and Utilities in One Google Pack

Google has packed all the most essential and the best software for personal computer in a package named Google Pack for the ease of computer users.

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Free File and Image Hosting at is a free dedicated hosting service which running on Linux. provides free image and file hosting so that the files and images can be shared with family and friends, and the pictures can be used for hotlinking (direct linking) in blogs, websites, auction pages, forums signature and etc.

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Watch Streaming p2p Live TV on the Internet

The advance of peer-to-peer technology (p2p) has make possible the distribution of video and TV streams via p2p network. p2pTV is the software application that doing basically that, designed to redistribute video streams on a p2p network. p2pTV is not the old method of downloading movies, dvds, tv episodes by using bit-torrent or edonkey or other file sharing network, and then watch the videos after […]

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YouTube Video Sharing and Hosting

YouTube is a Flickr-like online video service, which provides free video hosting and storage so that users can share it with their friends, family or even to the whole world. In short, YouTube is Flickr for videos.

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RapidShare – Free Unlimited File Storage and Hosting

After the technology bubble bursted in 2000, a lot of file hosting and file storage services on the Internet have either closed down or went to fee based modal. So if you want to find a free storage space and file hosting space on the Internet, it’s hard. But now there is

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Check Cisco Switch Version and Hardware

In order to check Cisco Catalyst switch software version and hardware information, use the following command: show version

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Patch and Bug Fix for StatTraq

The original StatTraq 1.0b has some bugs and errors that include StatTraq will not tracks and records individual requested posts, so the viewed posts and all page views are grouped as “Multiple Posts”, and not individual post title.

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StatTraq – WordPress Plugin for Site Statistic and Traffic Counter

If you want to keep track of the visitors to your WordPress blog, how they find your blog, what search keywords that lead to your blog, which posts is more popular and some other blog traffic statistic, then StatTraq is a nice option.

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System Tray Icon Missing from System Tray in Windows XP

Symptoms After the computer started, not all icons that should be present in the system tray (nowadays also called notification area) of the task bar is showing. Often, one or more icons are missing and disappearing from the task bar notication area.

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