Panasonic Corp, the famous Japanese consumer electronics product manufacturer has just announced the next generation PDP (Plasma Display Panel) TV that is being enhanced with the full HD (High Definition) wireless media streaming, targeted for digital homes that emphasize on flexibility in TV placement while able to enjoy great visual experience without being compromised by wireless transmission. It is claimed to be the world’s first PDP TV that can handle full HD (1080p) wireless transmission without the need of high-efficiency coding available for consumer market.

The VIERA Z series TV utilizes wirelessHD, a new standard driven by WirelessHD consortium in an attempt to replace both UWB (Ultra Wide Band) and Wireless HDI (High-definition Interface) with a higher bandwidth to smooth out the wireless transmission. Theoretically, the wireless HD is able to achieve 3Gps through 60GHz wave band, which is significant higher than UWB peak rate of 480Mbps in between 4.2GHz-4.8GHz and even doubled the data rate of WHDI at 1.5Gbps utilizing 5GHz frequency band that being deployed by other TV manufacturers such as Hitachi, Sharp and Mitsubishi Electronics.

No pricing and availability yet, we should expect some other manufacturers to adopt wirelessHD technology after the giant maker has successfully made its first steps with significant technology breakthrough especially surrounding the severe interference issue due to its nature of directional transmission at such a high frequency band.