Panda Internet Security 2010
In addition to Panda Antivirus Pro 2010, Panda has also released new version for it’s another security application – Panda Internet Security 2010. Panda Internet Security 2010 is a complete security solution for businesses and home used, which protects against Internet-borne worms, hacker attacks, viruses, spyware, online fraud and also prevents data theft (login details, credit card numbers, etc.). The new Panda Internet Security 2010 has added Panda USB Vaccine technology to protects USB drives from infection and integrates Anti-Banking Trojan Engine that can detects the most dangerous identity theft malware used by cybercriminals to steal banking credentials. Apart from that, its also comes with parental control that lets children browse the Internet safely by blocking access to violent, adult, or racist content, as well as other inappropriate websites. Furthermore, the new version has improved anti-rootkit technology that can detects and removes silently-installed rootkits used by malware or hackers and also be able to make automated backup copies of the most important documents and optimize the performance of users computer.

Panda Internet security 2010

Features of Panda Internet Security 2010:

  • Scans emails before they reach your inbox, regardless of your email program
  • Scans Internet traffic regardless of your browser type
  • Scans Instant Messaging traffic in MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and AOL
  • Removes all traces of clutter left by spyware on PC
  • Detection technologies
  • Panda USB Vaccine protects USB drives from infection
  • Genetic Heuristic Engine combines advanced algorithms to detect new variants of the most dangerous malware families
  • TruPrevent Technologies 2.0 silently analyze the behavior of programs
  • Detection technologies include generic signatures and remote heuristic scanning from the cloud
  • Personal firewall
  • Anti-Rootkit Technology
  • Anti-Phishing Filter
  • Anti-Banking Trojan Engine
  • Web Filter
  • Anti-Spam Filter
  • Parental Control
  • 2GB online backup

The new Panda Internet Security 2010 (aff) is currently available through Panda Security Store (aff) from starting price of $59.95. User who want to try out Panda Internet Security can directly download the Panda Internet Security 2010 free trial setup installer by using links below. The free trial includes 1 month’s free services to tech support via forum, e-mail and Internet, SOS Virus, updates against new viruses, and antivirus updates.

Direct Download Link for Panda Internet Security 2010 Free Trial: