Keeping your strong, confidential and copyrighted digital information in order to avoid being a victim of digital theft is always a challenge. As data theft is a growing problem nowadays, the demand for data protection tools or intrusion detection systems has increased tremendously. No matter how sophisticated these systems are, in many occasions our top confidential data are leaked out by colleagues or colleagues surrounding us. For safety measure, Blackbox Innovations has come out a “Personal Pocket Safe” which works as a safety deposit box. This safety deposit box doesn’t hold your money or jewellery but it holds your confidential digital information.

This compact safe measuring 3″ x .75″ x .25″ is actually a USB drive which features a numeric keypad and encryption. Via the numeric keypad, users can lock their data physically using the PIN-pad protection measure. Users need to enter their four-digit code and within 30 seconds they need to insert the “safe” into a computer before it locks. Make sure you remember the four digit code that you have used. This device will lock out (time delay) with 3 incorrect PIN entry attempts. Besides, this smart tool will also lock automatically if it sits idle in a computer for more than three minutes. Of course some smart idiots might think of trying forced access to memory chip. However, this digital safe will destroy the contents if anyone tries to do so. The information stored in the safe is secured by 256-bit AES encryption. The encrypted data auto-saves to your Personal Pocket Safe. Users can use the Personal Pocket Safe on any computer to retrieve their data but it would leave any tracks that can be traced.

Prevention is always better than cure. Try it out if you always need to bring along your top secret digital information around due to your job requirement.