If you are very particular about your headphone choices and are looking for a pair of suitable headphones for your MP3 player or other portable digital music devices, the new Upgrader Series headphones by Altec Lansing might be your ultimate and best choice. The Upgrader Series offer various types of headphones which match customers’ various personal audio lifestyle. The new Upgrader Series headphone was invented based on the study and research done on design philosophy such as ear measurements, physical comfort, aesthetics, ergonomics, craftsmanship and exceptional sound quality.

There are seven types of headphones under the Upgrader Series: UHP 336, UHP 304, UHP 306, UHP 303, UHP 301, UHP 307 and UHP 101 which are designed for a wide variety of environment and lifestyle as follows:

Audio Enthusiasts
The UHP 306, UHP 336, UHP 101 and UHP 301 were designed to target customers who want clear, crisp sound with no outside distractions. These earphone models feature a SnugFit design that provides noise-isolation and high-fidelity, including phenomenal bass. They all come with silicon tips or pads that comfortably conform to the unique shape of human ears.

Active Users
If you like to take your portable media player out on a jog with you, or go for other outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, etc, the UHP 303 and UHP 307 might be your choice. Designed to stay on even when you are moving around, these two models will provide great stability and sound while allowing users to monitor external noises such as traffic, order from team members, etc. The UHP 303 comes with breathable microfibre ear pads with the speakers themselves made to be moisture resistant. The UHP 307 features a spring steel ear hanger design along with washable silicon ear tips and an inline volume control.

Casual listeners
For light travelers who like to listen to music while traveling or those who like to enjoy some music while working can consider UHP 303 and UHP 304. UHP 303 features breathable micro fiber ear pads and moisture resistant designs. The UHP 304 uses an over-the-head fit featuring a dual titanium headband design for ultra style and flexibility.

The Upgrader Series by Altec Lansing is Compatible with CD, DVD and MP3 players, as well as iPod and iPhone™ devices.)