Redesign wall light decoration in living room could be a headache especially when all the cabling was beneath the wall. Even worst is when the wall is already covered by nice wall paper for decoration. In view of this, Philips has developed a new type of wallpaper that has conductive strips embedded in it so that it is able to make contact with electrical devices at new locations. It offers an easy and flexible solution to consumers that would like to change the positions of their electrical devices in your house without involving massive construction work and cost.


By having this new design of wallpaper with conductive strips, users will no longer need to peel off the existing wallpaper just to find out where the power point on the wall is and rerun the cabling to the new location where the electrical fixtures are intended to be mounted. What they need to do is to reuse the wallpaper that is able to run to the new electrical device sitting in contact with the conductive strips. The conductive strips are claimed to be able to support step down voltages from 1 to 12 volts, which covers quite a wide range of light duty electrical appliances in your home.

Not to worry about the safety concern, the conductive stripes have been insulated well beneath the wallpaper, preventing any potential electrical shock to the users. Without sacrificing a nice wall paper, the re-usable benefit is pretty clear and we should expect some manufacturers to buy in the idea to be implemented in buildings design in the future.