Although known as a laptop, the humble device is not really meant for placing on the lap for long periods as it can cause great discomfort. Philips’ new CushionSpeaker is a cushion-cum-speaker-cum-laptop stand which should appeal to laptop users who like comfort and convenience. Working through the night on your sofa or bed might seem more attractive with the CushionSpeaker. The accessory is equipped with built-in speakers connected to the laptop via a USB port.


The speakers are definitely attractive as one could enjoy sweet music emanating from the pillow while thinking about a project or school assignment. Philips’ CushionSpeaker would also make a great traveling companion either in the car, train or airplane for that long distance working trip. If it had had heat dispersion features, the cushion would have appeared all the more indispensable to luxury-seeking creatures like me. The stable surface, however, ensures effective airflow which prevents the cushion from overheating. Naturally there is a price for luxury though details are not released yet.


Video: Philips’ CushionSpeaker