If you are hoping to have the similar kind of fast boot, instant-on and network connected experience on your nettop or netbook like what can be achieved by tiny smart phone devices, now with the new software products from Phoenix Technologies, you may able to enjoy it soon. Just recently, the famous system firmware vendor has just showcased the powerful features targeted for nettop and netbook markets during the recent Computex event held in Taipei.


Phoenix PC 3.0 is expected to improve mobile computing experience, with Always Connected, Instant On/Off functionality so that users can use theirs mobile devices just like what can be done by existing smart phones. For instances, you may no longer need to wait for tenth seconds or even minutes before able to start browsing web on your nettop while on the move. No doubt, this seems to be already possible with lightweight open source Linux or some Real Time Operating Systems but still not on Windows Operating Systems.

During the booth demonstration, visitors were able to enjoy various kinds of Phoenix’s technologies such as security data protection, anti-theft, FailSafe, Ultra fast boot capability as well as the recently released Phoenix Freeze by themselves.