The leading innovator of optical disc technology, Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. has announced its new Pioneer BDR-205 Blu-ray Disc Computer Writer, which the company claims as the world’s first and fastest Blu-ray optical drive to feature up to 12x write speed on single and dual-layer Blu-ray Disc (BD-R and BD-R DL) media, aiming to let professional users and enthusiasts faster test, author and preserve their HD content.


In addition to BD format, this revolutionary Blu-ray Disc optical drive also features 16x DVD and 40x CD write speeds via a Serial ATA (SATA) connection.

“The BDR-205 drive represents our ongoing efforts to combine Pioneer’s engineering expertise with advanced technologies, and our next generation Blu-ray Disc writer is a great example of our no-compromise approach to optical disc product development,” said Steve Cohn, director of optical disc sales for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “We are bringing to market the fastest Blu-ray Disc writer to date, and it is just one of the many ‘firsts’ that have come to define Pioneer’s 30-year heritage in optical disc innovation and leadership.”

The new Pioneer BDR-205 Blu-ray Disc computer writer starts shipping this month, while the retail version of it will be available beginning Q1 2010 for $249.