The leading innovator of optical disc technology, Pioneer Electronics has launched its revolutionary new, powerful and high-definition Pioneer BDR-206MBK BDXL internal Blu-ray drive, which the company claims as the world’s first BDXL computer drive, supporting BDXL Blu-ray media that able to hold up to 128GB of data storage in a quadruple layer disc or 100GB in a triple layer disc.

Features of Pioneer BDR-206MBK:

  • Read/write new BDXL Blu-ray, DVD and CD
  • High storage capacity – up to 128GB on BD-R QL or up to 100GB on BD-R TL media
  • Limit Equalizer technology enhances RF signals generated and playback quality
  • Disc Vibration Stabilizer to help protect the disc from warping
  • Protection against contaminants and dust particles thanks to the new airtight structure

Pioneer BDR-206MBK that comes with a CyberLink software for BDXL support is now available through Fry’s Electronics and for a SRP of $199.