We have mentioned about a few free utilities such as PC Wizard 2008 or TinyResMeter that can inspect and show you your PC system specification in details but in case you just would like to get a quick overview without it to occupy much of your hard disk space, Piriform Speccy could be a good alternative that you can consider.


Once install and launch the utility, it will take few seconds to scan through your system and display all the hardware and software specifications for quick glance. Without any setup required, just click on Summary link will show you all the hardware specifications including processor, RAM, motherboard, Graphics, Hard disk drive, Optical Drives, Audios as well as Operating System. Further clicking on the link with blue font will disclose second level details in extended view. For instance, users can easily figure out if the processor is Duo cores, Quad cores, fabrication process technology, Revision, Instruction sets, Multiplier, existing core speed, temperature, L1/L2 data and instruction cache size and many more. Besides, users can look at the run time chart to figure out if there is any loading at any specific time if you prefer graphical view better. If there is a need to examine a more board level specification, just click on Motherboard and it will display the chipset vendor, model, revision as well as the BIOS version. Similar goes to Graphics and other peripherals specifications such as Hard Drives, Optical drives and etc.

Consumed at only 1.1MB of your hard disk space and 12MB of your memory usage, the utility is currently in beta version and you can download the exe installer package or zip package for immediate use.