Typically, LCD is one of the main modules that consume most of current required by a system, which drastically reduce the battery life on mobile devices such as UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) or laptop. In view of the need to prolong battery life while able to sustain normal operation, Pixel Qi has been working hard on a new technology that is expected to extend the battery life in future mobile computing world.

The advantage of this technology is its ability to draw ambient light from natural source to create illumination of the system continuously without the need to source current internally to power its backlight system. The company further claimed that the technology will able to prolong battery life by 50 percent as compared to conventional system. For instances, a similar system with 3 hours battery life would probably be extended to 4.5 hours with the new deployment of the new LCD module.

Pixel Qi will start sampling 10-inches models in two to three months time and is expected to have mass production by mid of this year. No pricing information as of today, but it is at least one of the good initiatives towards green environment that is worth to be mentioned here.