While some users may find linking printers and hard drives over a network intimidating, it is a problem of the past. The latest Belkin Network USB Hub only requires one to plug in and play. The hub looks like a standard USB hub and has five inputs from hard drives, scanners, and printers. The front of the device has two USB ports while the back has three. An Ethernet port is also incorporated at the back of the device for connecting to a wired or wireless router.

The shiny black Belkin hub allows one computer to use one of the devices at a time, with five people using one of the peripherals each. You can connect to a hard drive while your brother uses a printer in another room. But two users cannot use the printer at the same time. Special PC software locates the hub on a network and acts as though the peripherals were plugged into the computer. The advantage of the USB hub is it allows sharing instead of having to buy multiple peripherals for several computers.