Wonder what could be the top new consumer technologies in 2010? Just recently, Radar Detector has been named as one of the new consumer technologies by Consumer Electronics Association during the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) New York Press preview.


Some may wonder why there was no similar product being launched before but if you think twice, its usage or applications could be quite limited and targeted for niche market instead of broad consumers’ base. For instance, you may find it useful when would like to measure baseball pitch speed by just pointing and shooting on it. Nevertheless, it is really impressed to see that the radar technology can be integrated into such a portable, handy and ultra small form factor gadget for accurate real-time speed measurement of moving objects. Claimed to be at the industry leading edge, Pocket Radar utilizes proprietary digital signal processing algorithm and intelligent acquisition technique that provides fast locking and accurate speed measurement. Typically, it is expected to have error of not more than 1 mile per hour that is suitable for accurate speed estimation without the need of bulkier equipment. And what is more, it can be powered purely by one set of AAA size batteries with up to 10000 speed readings without the need of battery recharging or replacement.

No pricing availability yet, Pocket Radar will be showcased during the upcoming CES event held in New York city early next year and the actual product will be commercialized by Spring next year.