Wanted to have extend WiFi coverage beyond your home compound? Typically WiFi coverage range is meant for LAN (Local Area Network) usage but in case you need more than what it can achieve, then the newly released Point to Point WiFi antenna could be one of your great alternatives.


Without the need to run long cable that could be quite costly, the new antenna can transmit and receive wireless transmission with direct point-to-point protocol without significant signal-to-noise ratio loss. At reasonable size of 11.8-inch x 15.75-inch, it is claimed to be able to cover longer range as compared to other yagis antenna that could cost more and appear to be even bulkier than this solution. Best thing is, it has a very narrow beam width of 16 degrees and 21 degrees for horizontal and vertical transmission respectively suitable for a much concentrated directional transmission with less interference especially on surrounding wireless devices that are not the intended recipients. Rated at 15dBi, it is claimed to be able to cover up to three miles which is far more sufficient for practical usage. However, as similar to other Radio Frequency transmission, both the installation points ought to be in the line-of-sight for best and optimum performance.

Only one drawback, users will need multiple adapters/converters in order to convert the signal from radio frequency to normal networking port that can be plugged and used by normal PC. Priced at $89.95 (excluding Versa WiFi USB Adapter, RPSMA Male/Female Adapter), it is quite an affordable solution for broadband sharing over a long distance.