Mobile phone usage has become so common and some health conscious consumers may start to worry about the mobile phones’ antenna radiation and its effect to human beings. Although there is still no scientific evidence on how severe this issue could affect consumer health but it is always good to have some precaution to minimize its impact (if there is) especially for those heavy mobile users. Just recently, Pong Research, a California based company has developed a new silicone skin that is claimed to be able to reduce the antenna radiation with its proprietary technology designed into it.

Unlike conventional silicon protective case, the next generation prototype has been enhanced with correct antenna structure that is able to couple and divert the radiation energy away from human’s brain when communication is going on. You may have some doubt on its claim but the product has been tested and proven to be effective even by FCC-certified laboratories and impressively, it is able to reduce the SAR (Specific Absorption rate) by 60 percent and EFI (Electric Field Intensity) up to 85 percent.

The silicone protective case is currently available now in certain model such as 3G/3GS iPhone and at a retail price of $60, it is quite affordable for average users to reduce radiation besides can be used as a normal silicon case to protect your mobile devices.