Have you ever been caught in the jam or stuck for hours on a journey in an isolated highway? Your stomach could be grumbling or your passengers could be so restless that you wish you had ordered a pizza for the journey? Well, it may seem the unlikeliest of inventions but now you can bake your own instant pizza or pies in an oven custom-made for cars.


The Porta-Pizza is a portable oven that plugs into the car’s battery or 12-volt outlet. The oven is equipped with top-mount heating elements and a high/low setting to bake frozen food or warm up leftovers. One need not survive on sandwiches or cold food for long journeys. For as low as $36, Porta Pizza not only satisfies the hunger pangs but keeps front and backseat passengers occupied. It is small in design and can even be used for outdoor camping. However, users may want to turn off the car engine occasionally to ensure they do not overuse the oven and exhaust the car battery.