Intel Atom processor is famous for its ultra low power and small form factor that has able to gain much traction in both MID (Mobile Internet Device) as well as embedded markets. Not long after Axiomtek’s announcement of the smallest Pico-ITX Intel Atom based board, now Portwell has started to ship its first Nano-ITX Intel Atom board for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to integrate into their end products. Named as Nano-8044, it is specially designed for kiosk, digital signage, POS (Point of Sale) and medical segments.

As compared to Axiomtek Pico-ITX SBC (Single board computer) that measured at 10cm X 7.2cm, Portwell’s Nano-8044 appears to be slightly bigger with a dimension of 12cm X 12cm. Both of them are powered by Z-5XX series Intel Atom processor pairing with SCH US15W chipset, which un-doubtfully offer almost similar feature sets such as 1GB DDR2 memory, SD, Compact Flash slots as well as IDE interface for hard disk drive connectivity. Besides, it also includes six USB ports, Gigabit Ethernet and dual independent display using both LVDS and SDVO interfaces.

No pricing information yet, Nano-8044 is already available now and it can be run with either Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded and even Linux Operating Systems.