Brandishing a magic wand around and making things happen according to one’s whims and fancies has been every child’s game and every adult’s secret dream. Now it looks like both children and adults will have a chance to play wizards/fairies/genies and live out their fantasy perpetually in front of the TV. The Kymera Magic Wand is a TV remote control that is buttonless but can be programmed to carry out 13 infrared functions simply by waving the wand up, down, left or right in varying motions or flourish. It can get quite complicated though who has ever said that magic is easy to practice?


Packed in an elegant box upholstered with Chinese silk brocade, the TV remote wand has an exotic and mystique design. The wand itself turns fantasy to reality for many children who are fans of Harry Potter and who have secretly harboured wild desires to purchase an owl or a wand after reading the book or watching the movie. The fight for the remote control is set to be escalated with Kymera Magic Wand but who cares if it can bring some magic into our lives. The look of marvel and wonder form from your child is enough to make the $82 well-spent for a Christmas gift, and perhaps even tease a smile from your more cynical adult friends.