Missing children is a serious social issue in today’s society. Based on the statistics gathered in US, a child is reported missing every 40 seconds or 2,100 per day or 800,000 per year, on average. Of course this figure doesn’t include cases of missing children which have gone unreported. To prevent yourself from being the next parent victim, careful attention needs to be paid to your kids especially in public areas. You can’t stop your child from running around willy-nilly or stop them from playing around all the time. Sometimes you might need to take your eyes off them for a while, for instance, when you speak to somebody or is busy with something. If you have constant fear of your kids getting lost, being kidnapped, or losing the way home, one of the efficient ways is to use a kid-tracking device such as a child’s phone equipped with alarm and GPS capabilities. This device will help if tragedy happens.

Japan based company, Princeton, recently introduced a tiny kid-tracking device which is able to track your kid if your kid leaves your side. Unlike other GPS enabled devices, the Princeton Kid Finder is radio based and only works within a 90 meter range. The package comes with a transmitter which can be tagged to the kid and a remote which displays basic directional information (forward, left, right). The transmitter features a SOS alarm for the kid to alert the parent in case of emergency or stranger approach.


The Princeton Kid Finder is useful when parents bring their kids to public areas such as a shopping complex, park, exhibition, etc. Both the remote (76x22x35mm) and transmitter (57×16.5x43mm) are small in size and easy to be tagged or carried along. The gadget is priced at $147, a pretty affordable figure. Besides kids, users also can tag this device on pets, luggage, etc to avoid loss or theft.