lapworks-futura-02.jpgLaptop computers are created for users’ convenience and mobility. However, working long hour with laptop will burden users with inherently bad ergonomics. The heat from the laptop’s processors can warm a mobile user’s legs. This can be uncomfortable and even hazardous to user’ health and can hurt performance or even damage the laptop as well.

To overcome this problem and protect your lap from laptop, you can find your solution from LapWorks. LapWorks is expanding its line of laptop desks with the new Futura, a still piece of leg-protecting ABS plastic with a modern design and ten slits that let the heat dissipate.

The new notebook stand, Laptop Desk Futura, weights around 450g. The dimension is 21” long and 11” wide. It is foldable into half to become less than 30cm square. It has gripping rubber on both sides and it comes with heavy duty hinges. The Laptop Desk Futura is priced at US$29.95 and it has one year warranty.


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