logo201×61.gifNetwork storage helps enterprises speed up access to data and reduce administrative overhead, but can leave critical data vulnerable. Without proper protection, network will face great risks of unauthorized access, data theft and data misuse. If you are worried about this security issue and are finding ways to safeguard and protect your sensitive data in your network environment, try this out – DataFort. Perhaps DataFort, a storage security appliance developed by Decru (a subsidiary of NetApp), can do something for you.

DataFort is designed to protect against internal and external attacks. It also provides a unified security platform for all storage environments, including network-attached storage, storage area network, direct-attached storage, iSCSI and tape storage network. One of the key features of DataFort is that it encrypts data before the data is written to disc or tape. By encrypting the data, only authorized people are able to read the data. This will deny unauthorized people access to sensitive data.
There is a storage encryption processor (SEP) at the heart of DataFort. It is a hardware engine that enables full-duplex, multi-gigabit speed encryption and key management. It also incorporates AES-256 encryption, which is optimized to protect stored data. There is a Lifetime Key Management Software that securely automates archiving of encryption keys across the organization, which comes together with DataFort. The data will be safely kept so that it is readily available for use no matter how long it is stored.

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