UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) is not getting sufficient traction due to pricing with most of them either died off as prototype or stuck with limited volume in commercial market. As some of you may be looking to get one unit with not many options available, an upcoming UMPC gadget developed by UK company could be one of your consideration if budget is not an issue. Named as PsiXpda, it is powered by Intel Atom Z510 processor and is expected to run with Windows XP targeted for business executives and professionals.


Measured at 174 x 84 x 25mm and weighted around 430 gram only, the ultra portable machine is ideal to be carried with while traveling around. Powered by a thermally efficient Atom Z510 processor and SCH US15W chipset, and further equipped with a 1GB memory RAM and 16GB SSD (Solid State Device), it can be used to run normal office applications with easy compatibility in Windows environment. Besides, it is equipped with a 4.8-inch resistive touchscreen LCD that can scale up to 800 x 480 resolutions, on top of a slid-able QWERTY keyboard for faster input and access. Not to be lacked behind, it features all the networking connectivity such as Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, 802.11b.g wireless LAN, optional 3G module as well as commonly available USB 2.0 ports, webcam and many more.

However, its relatively high pricing may set you back. At a retail price of £500 (or equivalent to $830), you can easily get a mainstream netbook or middle-range notebook if the physical size is not a concern.