If “fingerprint feature” still no enough to fulfill all your security concerns, here’s a fantastic mouse for the security conscious computer users, available from Qritek Japan Co which uses iris recognition technology to differentiate your iris from the other people around the world. Iris identification can be done by the simple step – hold the built-in iris device which attached to the mouse up to your eye.


The new IRIBIO Mouse biometric authentication system has an embedded Iris Authentication engine board that operates independently from your personal PC. In simply words, your iris registration and recognition is done with IRIBIO mouse but not your PC.

Anyway, you still need a IRIBIO Protector, a software program that comes with your mouse, protects your PC from illegal attempt to access your computer. In addition, other person can not use your PC, and neither is files and folder access nor logon to Windows. This amazing iris-recognition mouse is priced for about $315.