E-book reader is a next big thing with more and more manufacturers starting to align their plan and resource to develop hoping to able to tap into it before the market starts to ramp. While most of them are still stuck with monochrome display with great long lasting reading capability, the newly announced Qualcomm proprietary e-reader display prototype has able to differentiate itself from the rest. Named as Mirasol, it is one of the earliest display prototypes that can perform media playback with excellent graphics capability suitable for multimedia centric application as differed from conventional monochrome e-book display.


Based on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the tiny prototype platform is equipped with a 5.7-inch e-paper display. Although it doesn’t seems to be a huge one, but its resolution at 1024X768 pixels is far more than sufficient to be used as standard e-book reading device. Besides, it has a built-in Wi-Fi module that allows internet connectivity for ebook content download and more impressively, the device is claimed to be able to support multi-player gaming for both local and networked community. No doubt this is a great added value since it can potentially be treated as a handheld gaming device as an new entrance into gaming segment, competing against Sony PSP, Nintendo DSi and etc. No information on how long the battery life but obviously a thermally efficient Snapdragon processor has done a really great job without defeating its main purpose as a long battery life e-reader device.

No expected pricing and availability yet, the device is currently in prototype stage but seems that future e-book reader is trending towards multimedia and graphics support in order to get better justification for end users to purchase.