Instead of going through typical technical examinations of urine, hair, sweat, blood or oral fluid samples to determine whether a person is on drugs, Philips has made the drug testing process very much straightforward and faster by introducing a new device which can do a drug test using saliva and produce the result on the spot. The working concept of this interesting electronics device is a bit similar to the breathalyzer. However, instead of blowing air for the alcohol test, the suspect needs to spit into a small receptacle for saliva sample collection. The receptacle will then be inserted into the device for testing. The drug-tester device uses nanotechnology to detect whether the sample contains any cocaine, heroin, amphetamine, cannabis or methamphetamine. The result is shown through a color code result that will be shown about 90 seconds later.


Philip’s drug testing device will be great as a measure to fight against drug abuse. The device can be used by cops to conduct drug test during road block or raiding in any suspicious party. There is no detail on the pricing but Philips plans to get this device out in Europe by the end of this year.