If you have entertained the fantasy of brandishing a sabre or sword while walking down the middle of a street in town, this is your chance. An umbrella that doubles as an LED stick is sure to turn heads if not cause other city folks to gape with envy. The Rainbow Flash LED by Sirobako is an umbrella with a stem that lights up and changes colors as you sashay down the street. It alternates in seven different colors and even pulsates in different speeds and patterns. Users can choose the color that best suits their mood or matches their outfit for that special effect.

Available for $16 in Japan, this umbrella will increase the visibility and safety of pedestrians at night. It serves as a useful source of light to illuminate a dark alley or for users to rummage through a bag in the dark. In bad weather, it not only offers protection from the elements but enables users to pick their way through more clearly and warn others of their presence. Apart from its utility, it is an eye-catching look-at-me fashion statement for men and women who love the limelight. The Rainbow Flash LED runs on batteries and can last for about 24 hours.